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September 3, 2010

Office of Water Quality Technical Memorandum 2010.06

Subject:  Effective September 13, 2010; Required use of New Analytical Services Request (ASR) Form for Samples Received at the National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL)


The standard Analytical Services Request (ASR) has been revised to accommodate the new FBMS account number and reflect minor changes to streamline the sample submission and login processes.

Summary of Changes:

Reminder:  The User code identifies the USGS customer who will receive the analytical results from QWDX.  Current user codes are found in the QWDX customer reports (  The Project Account is used for billing of analytical work.

  1. The Source Agency Code is used to identify sites not owned by USGS.
  2. NWQL Proposal Number: This number, assigned by the NWQL, is used to identify work (custom, research, etc.) that has a project proposal associated with the sample.
  3. NWQL contact/email will be used to notify NWQL personnel that a sample has arrived.
  4. Program/Project comments are required for samples collected for the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, National Stream Quality Accounting Network and the National Monitoring Network.
  5. Hazard comments are required when a sample may present a chemical or biological risk to NWQL personnel.  The type of hazard and level of concern should be entered on the ASR. If specifics are not known, any pertinent comments such as Wastewater, Raw Sewage, or Possible Radiological Hazard should be included.
  1. Up to 6 schedules may be requested.
  2. Up to 15 labcodes may be added or deleted.

Note:  In an effort to minimize the amount of manual data entry, the NWQL suggests that users of the ASR create a
custom schedule that addresses the project needs with a single schedule number.  This schedule is owned by that project and can be modified as project goals and objectives change.  Please contact to request a  
   new schedule or modify an existing one.

  1. Several container types have changed.  A new list of container types and treatment/preservation required is available on the NWQL web page.
  2. Login comments will be used by NWQL login personnel to document any problems or changes noted during the login process.
  1. Please provide any of field measurements (specific conductance, pH and alkalinity) if collected.
  2. Specific conductance is required for environmental and quality-assurance samples.  If the field specific conductance is not available during login, the laboratory will complete the measurement and charge the appropriate project account.
  3. The USDA field was added for internal NWQL use only.

Implementation schedule:

The following schedule defines the implementation of the new standardized ASR.

  1. The new ASR must be used for samples received on or after September 13, 2010.  
  2. Sample login and analysis may be delayed if the new ASR is not used for samples that are received at the NWQL on or after September 13, 2010.
  3. The ASR is to be completed in permanent waterproof ink.  Water-based markers are not acceptable.
  4. The ASR is available with and without instructions on the NWQL homepage in PDF and Microsoft Word formats (see attachments to this memorandum.
  5. A patch for the new ASR in Personal Computer Field Forms (PCFF) is under development and will be announced in a future WaQI Note.


The National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) processes samples based on the information contained on the Analytical Services Request (ASR) form.  The form is used to: identify sample site location, pass pertinent information to the laboratory (hazards, high concentrations of contaminants, ancillary information such as volumes and/or areas needed for calculations, etc), request analytical work, serve as a packing list for sample shipments, and provide needed field measurements (pH, conductance, alkalinity) used to conduct quality control/assurance checks, and provide enough information to process (login) samples into the National Water Information System (NWIS). The project account field on the previous ASR is not adequate for the new 15-digit DOI Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) account number.

Donna N. Myers /s/
Chief, Office of Water Quality

This memorandum supersedes OWQ Technical Memorandum 00.09.

Distribution: All WRD Employees

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