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October 1, 2009

Office of Water Quality Technical Memorandum 2010.01

Subject: U.S. Geological Survey/National Park Service Call for Proposals for 2011 Projects and Revisions to Regional Deadlines and Review Process

The U.S. Geological Survey/National Park Service (USGS/NPS) Water-Quality Partnership Program will continue in fiscal year (FY) 2011 (pending appropriation of Federal program funds). The call for proposals for projects beginning in 2011 is attached. The deadline for short (five-page maximum) proposals is November 30, 2009.

Starting with this 2011 proposal cycle, the USGS and NPS have developed a significantly revised process for selecting and ranking projects at the regional level (that are then forwarded to the National evaluation panel). The goal was to adopt a simplified and consistent process, with better communication regarding dates, deadlines, and proposal requirements for the regional selection step. The changes focus on four areas of the program:

  1. The annual call for proposals now designates a single National deadline and timeline for proposals. Previously, each NPS region set regional-specific deadlines for proposals.

  2. The regional selection process will now be based on USGS regional boundaries with USGS and NPS proposal reviewers having equal representation. Previously, proposal submission and evaluation was based on NPS regional boundaries. This change retains the regional selection step which has been an inherent part of the Partnership since it was originated, but will simplify the logistics and improve communication on the regional review process.

  3. Short proposals (five-page maximum) with a reduced list of ranking criteria are now required for this regional selection step, with full proposal development only required for those selected to be evaluated by the National Panel. Previously, the full proposal requirement applied at both steps of the proposal evaluation process.

  4. Short proposals will now be submitted to the appropriate USGS region to the attention of the Regional Water-Quality Specialist who will take the lead in organizing and hosting the regional USGS/NPS review panels. Previously, proposals were submitted to NPS regions which led the proposal evaluations with USGS participation.

- Additional information can be found on our program website at:

The following information is not revised for the 2011 cycle, but is provided annually for additional guidance and clarification.

Questions concerning the USGS/NPS Water-Quality Partnership should be directed to
Mark Nilles (303-236-1878,

Terry L. Schertz /s/
Acting Chief, Office of Water Quality

This memorandum does not supercede any other OWQ Technical Memorandum.

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