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Subject:  GROUND WATER -- Release of Open-File
          Report 95-424, "Methods of Conducting Air-
          Pressurized Slug Tests and Computation of Type 
          Curves for Estimating Transmissivity and 
          Storativity" by Earl A. Greene and Allen M. 

The subject report provides a detailed discussion of
the equipment and procedures for conducting and analyzing 
air-pressurized slug tests.  In addition, the Fortran
code AIRSLUG to generate type curves for estimating 
transmissivity (T) and storativity (S) from prematurely 
terminated air-pressurized slug tests is documented.  An
MS-DOS 3.5" formatted diskette with an ASCII listing and a 
compiled (.EXE) version of AIRSLUG is provided.  The report 
also presents field examples where prematurely terminated 
air-pressurized slug tests have been conducted and 

Air-pressurized slug tests provide a means of estimating 
formation properties without directly contacting the 
formation water.  This may be beneficial at sites having 
contaminated formation water, where removing a column of 
water from the well or cleaning the equipment that comes in 
contact with formation waters may pose a health concern.

Prematurely terminated air-pressurized slug tests are a 
special case of a slug test where the drawdown is 
terminated prior to reaching an equilibrium water level.  
Allen Shapiro and Earl Greene (Shapiro, A.M., and Greene, 
E.A., 1995, Interpretation of prematurely terminated air-
pressurized slug tests:  Ground Water, v. 33, no. 4,
p. 539-546) developed a method of analyzing the recovery of 
a prematurely terminated air-pressurized slug test to 
determine the formation properties; a reprint of this paper 
is included with this memo.  Prematurely terminating the 
air-pressurized slug test can significantly reduce the time 
needed to conduct the test, especially at low-permeability 
sites.  We recommend that this report be brought to the 
attention of technical and management personnel concerned 
with ground-water hydrology.

The Hydrologic Analysis Support Section (HASS) is handling 
the distribution of AIRSLUG within the Water Resources 
Division.  To obtain the program for use on Data General 
computers, connect to hassrvares.er.usgs.gov/ by anonymous 
ftp.  Then change the current directory to pub/GW.  
Retrieve files airslug.tar.Z and readme.airslug.  If
there are problems with installing the programs, contact 
HASS by electronic mail (wrdapp) or by telephone (Steve 
Regan 703-648-5896).

Additional copies of the report are available from the 

                              /s/ William M. Alley
                              Chief, Office of Ground Water

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