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Subject:  PUBLICATION--Circular 1099

Attached is a copy of the recently released U.S. Geological 
Survey Circular 1099, "Regional Aquifer-System Analysis Program 
of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1978-1992," by Ren Jen Sun and 
Richard H. Johnston.  The Circular presents some significant 
findings about regional aquifer systems, regional ground-water 
budgets, and a short summary of each individual RASA study.  
This report is an update of an earlier report, Circular 1002, 
which has been out of print for several years.

We believe that this report has a wide potential audience among 
other Federal, State, and local agencies with which we have 
discussions about ground-water resources, and it is an excellent 
source of information about a successful Division thrust program.

For additional copies send a completed USGS Book Order form to  
Chief, Publications Management Unit, Mail Stop 435 National 

                        /s/ William M. Alley
                        Chief, Office
                        of Ground Water


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