GROUND WATER--Update of the solute-transport model SUTRA

In Reply Refer To:                            October 23, 1991
Mail Stop 411


Subject:  GROUND WATER--Update of the solute-transport model SUTRA

Cliff Voss has provided the attached packet of materials
that update the SUTRA computer code.  The report documenting
the computer code SUTRA is Water-Resources Investigations
Report 84-4396 and was distributed by Office of Ground Water Technical
Memorandum No. 85.03.  A post-processor program, SUTRA-PLOT, is documented in
Water Resources Investigations Report 87-4245 and was distributed by Office of
Ground Water Technical Memorandum No. 88.03.  The update consists of error
fixes, revisions and modifications to both SUTRA and the SUTRA-PLOT post-
processor.  Because of the extensive programming changes in this first update,
a new copy of the source code is being distributed rather than instructions for
changing the original programs.  No manuals are being distributed with this
update; only change sheets for the original manuals are enclosed.

The new versions of SUTRA and SUTRA-PLOT, with version number:
V-0690-2D (June 1990, two-dimensional version), will run on mainframes,
minicomputers, workstations and microcomputers under operating systems
supporting ANSI-Standard Fortran-77.  Fast systems with extensive memory
support are required for most practical applications and 386-or-better
microcomputers are recommended.  Use of SUTRA-PLOT, an interactive graphics
post-processor for SUTRA, which plots contours of pressures, concentrations,
temperatures and saturations, fluid velocities, and the finite element mesh, is
no longer restricted to installations having the DISSPLA graphics package.
Now, SUTRA-PLOT allows for any use-provided graphics libraries and device
drivers, and can be implemented on most systems.

This update package contains:

     1-     Description of changes to SUTRA (Change Notes)
     2-     Description of changes for SUTRA-PLOT (Change Notes)
     3-     Replacement pages for SUTRA manual

In addition, each Water Resources Division District office will receive with
this memorandum one DOS 1.2 Mbyte, 5.25 inch diskette containing installation
information, SUTRA and SUTRA-PLOT source codes, version V-0690-2D, DOS-
executable files, example data and utility files.

The updated programs can alternatively be obtained from the Northeastern Region
Prime (RVARES) computer by remotely logging in using the following:


Once logged in, instructions are given on how to transfer copies of both SUTRA-
PLOT and the SUTRA model code to the users home site.

Cliff Voss encourages users of these codes to inform him of errors, as well as
of suggestions for any needed improvements.

We recommend that this information be made available to all users (or potential
users) of the SUTRA model.

                                      Joseph S. Rosenshein
                                      Acting Chief, Office
                                      of Ground Water


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