PUBLICATIONS--Release of report, A simple contouring program for gridded data

WGS-Mail Stop 411                                  June 12, 1990


SUBJECT:  PUBLICATIONS--Release of report, "A simple contouring
                        program for gridded data," by Arlen W.

The attached subject report has recently been published as Open-
File Report 90-144.  The report describes and provides
instructions for the use of the computer program named CONTOUR.
CONTOUR was developed to contour data that is given on a
rectangular grid, such as the data produced and used by many
finite-difference models.  The program is written in the FORTRAN
77 language, and Graphics Kernel System (GKS) subroutine calls are
used to draw the contours. The program can be run on small
personal computers.

The author states that  "CONTOUR is designed as a working tool
where quick viewing is the primary need.  . . . CONTOUR does not
produce smoothed contours, fancy annotation, or publication
quality however, CONTOUR can efficiently and conveniently draw
simple contours.  Input can come from almost any fixed format file
or from the unformatted files produced by the U.S. Geological
Survey Modular Ground-Water Flow Model (McDonald and Harbaugh,
1988).  CONTOUR can also draw the grid, blank out areas through
which contours should not be drawn, and plot values at each grid

Copies of the computer program, CONTOUR, are available from the
author.  Send requests for the program by electronic mail to

We recommend that this report be brought to the attention of
technical personnel that have a need to prepare contour maps from
data on a rectangular grid.

Additional copies of the report can be obtained from the author.

                               Thomas E. Reilly
                               Acting Chief, Office
                               of Ground Water


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