PUBLICATIONS--Release of report A computer program for converting rectangular coordinates

WGS-Mail Stop 411                                 April 19, 1990


Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--Release of report "A computer program for
                        converting rectangular coordinates to
                        latitude-longitude coordinates" by A. T.

The attached subject report recently has been released as Water-
Resources Investigations Report 89-4070.  The report describes a
computer program developed for converting the coordinates of a
rectangular grid that can be oriented in any direction on a map to
a grid that is parallel to lines of equal latitude and longitude.
All cells in the old rectangular grid must be rectangles of
uniform dimensions and all cells in the new latitude-longitude
grid must measure 1 minute by 1 minute.

After the program has been used to convert the old grid to the new
grid, the user may build a data file in the new grid coordinates.
The only cells in the new grid that are given non zero values in
the new data field correspond to midpoints of the old grid cells
that have non zero values.  The user must provide a method to
assign values to other cells.

We recommend that this report be brought to the attention of
ground-water hydrologists who use flow or transport models.

                               Eugene P. Patten
                               Chief, Office of
                               Ground Water


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