PUBLICATIONS--Release of report A statistical processor for analyzing simulations

WGS-Mail Stop 411                                 March 26, 1990


Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--Release of report "A statistical processor
                        for analyzing simulations made using the
                        modular finite-difference ground-water
                        flow model" by Jonathon C. Scott

The attached subject report recently has been released as Water-
Resources Investigations Report 89-4159.  The report describes a
computer program (MMSP:  Modular Model Statistical Processor) that
was prepared for use with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
modular finite-difference ground-water flow computer program of
McDonald and Harbaugh (1988, TWRI, Book 6, Chapter A1).  The MMSP
program can be used to analyze the data input to and the output
from the ground-water flow model by calculating descriptive
statistics, generating histograms, making logical comparisons
between data arrays, generating new data arrays by arithmetically
operating on specified data arrays, and preparing data files that
can be used subsequently with graphical display programs to
produce hydrographs or ground-water flow vector diagrams. Sample
applications of the MMSP program are described in the report.

We recommend that this report be brought to the attention of
hydrologists who use the USGS modular finite-difference ground-
water flow model.

Additional copies of the report and copies of the computer program
can be obtained from the author.

                                 Eugene P. Patten
                                 Chief, Office of
                                 Ground Water


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