Release of the report "Analytical solutions for one-, two-, and three-dimensional solute transport in ground-water systems with uniform flow"

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Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--Release of the report "Analytical
                        solutions for one-, two-, and three-
                        dimensional solute transport in ground-
                        water systems with uniform flow" by
                        Eliezer J. Wexler

This subject report has recently been released as U.S. Geological
Survey Open-File Report 89-56 (pending publication as a Techniques
of Water Resources Investigations Report). The report presents
nine analytical solutions to the advective-dispersive solute-
transport equation and describes computer programs written to
evaluate these solutions.  These programs incorporate many
features, such as graphical output, that enhance their ease of use
and versatility.

We feel that this compilation of analytical solutions and their
associated computer programs will be an aid to hydrologists
investigating ground-water solute-transport problems.  As with all
analytical solutions, the systems represented are idealized, and
have simple geometries and uniform coefficient values.  However,
valuable insight into real field systems can be gained through
relatively easy experimentation that these computer programs now
allow. Boundary conditions and flow-field dimensionality are key
features that must be considered in selecting the appropriate
mathematical model and its associated analytical solution.

The report is being sent under separate cover to District, State,
and some Subdistrict Offices of the Water Resources Division.
Copies of the computer code can be obtained initially by
contacting E. J. Wexler (WRD, Miami, FL) at (305) 594-0655 or (FTS

                                 Eugene P. Patten
                                 Chief, Office of
                                 Ground Water

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