Summary of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Modeling Workshop, May 24-25, 1988

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Subject:  Summary of Geographic Information Systems
          (GIS)/Modeling Workshop, May 24-25, 1988

Attached is a summary of a workshop concerning the use of GIS in
support of ground-water modeling activities.  This workshop was
organized by Pat Leahy, Tony Navoy, and Daryll Pope of the New
Jersey District.  The summary covers the status of GIS development
in support of modeling studies, identifies many of the individuals
in the Division who are at the forefront of this emerging
technology, and defines issues regarding the use of GIS that are
of concern to this group.  It should be emphasized that the
recommendations expressed at the meeting have not been evaluated.
Rather, they are included in the accompanying summary to provide a
complete picture of the practical concerns of this community of
GIS users.  Because the information contained in the summary is
valuable to a wide range of individuals in Headquarters, Regional,
and District Offices, the Office of Ground Water is releasing the
summary as a technical memorandum.

                               Eugene P. Patten
                               Chief, Office of
                               Ground Water


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