PUBLICATIONS--Report "Type curves for selected problems of flow to wells in confined aquifers"

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Subject:  PUBLICATIONS--Report "Type curves for selected problems
                        of flow to wells in confined aquifers" by
                        J. E. Reed

This report assembles, under one cover and in a standard format,
the more commonly used type-curve solutions for 11 conditions of
flow to a well in an infinite confined aquifer.

Each solution discussion includes the following:  (1) a list of
the assumptions made in the mathematical development, (2) the
differential equation and the boundary and initial conditions
describing the ground-water problem are given in mathematical
notation and the physical interpretation of each equation is
described in the text, (3) the mathematical solution is given in
the form of tables and/or type curves, (4) a "comments" section
that describes the conditions for which some of the assumptions
are applicable, and (5) in most cases a computer program written
in FORTRAN is included that can be used for calculating additional
function values.  This latter feature should be particularly
useful in generating type curves to be used for analyzing water-
level change data in response to variable well discharge
describable by one of five selected functional forms.

Most of the type curves are on a folded plate.  The curves are on
one of two different plotting scales for ease of comparing
solutions.  Please note that figures 4.2 and 5.2 on that plate are
slightly distorted by a fraction of a percent.  It is our intent,
when funds are available, to have the type-curve plots put on a
mylar sheet and copies distributed to the field.

                                   (s) Gordon D. Bennett
                                   Chief, Ground Water Branch

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