PROGRAMS AND PLANS--Computer storage of well and spring inventory data.

                       GEOLOGICAL SURVEY

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Subject:  PROGRAMS AND PLANS--Computer storage of well and spring
                              inventory data.

Progress in development of the revised ground-water data system
has been accelerated by an agreement with Naval Weapons
Engineering Support Activity, Washington, D.C., in which they will
design the WRD system to store and retrieve well and spring
inventory data.  Work on the project began March 1, 1974, and is
expected to result in a fully-operational system in 12 to 18

Testing of the system design will be done on the Survey computer
using real data in Division files.  Selected district offices may
be requested to furnish small batches of data to be used in the
testing procedures, or to assist in other ways.

The system will be open ended, using a unique "label" to identify
each item of data in a well or spring record.  The initial list
will include about 250 data items, but additional items may be
added as need arises.  Although the system will not initially
contain provisions for storing complete lithologic logs,
information on depth, lithology, and static water level for as
many as 10 "marker" units will be accomodated (sic).

Based on needs expressed by districts, programs are now available
or are planned to perform the following functions (in addition to
storage and retrieval routines):

     1.  Convert existing punched records to the new system.
     2.  Tabulate user-selected data in user-selected order.
     3.  Interface retrieved data to STATPAC.
     4.  Interface retrieved data to CALCOMP plotter routines.

If you have further suggestions for data-manipulating programs,
please furnish them to Claud Baker, Jr., Ground Water Branch, as
soon as possible.

                                   (s) Gerald Meyer
                                   Chief, Ground Water Branch
                                   Water Resources Division

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