GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                      WATER RESOURCES DIVISION
                      WASHINGTON, D. C.  20242

                                              February 17, 1970
                                                      4037 0001


To:       Regional Hydrologists and District Chiefs, WRD

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch, WRD, Washington, D.C.

Subject:  WELL CONSTRUCTION--Pipe dope

J. H. Crimer of the Memphis, Tennessee, office responded to Ground
Water Branch Technical Memorandum No. 70.8 by relating his
experience with both Teflon and silicone lubricants.  I quote:

     Teflon pipe dope is an excellent product.  However, you may
     be interested in our experience, first with Teflon powder
     which is available in a squeezer bottle.  The powder can be
     applied to large diameter pipe in a fraction of the time
     required for the paste application.  Small diameter pipe and
     couplings or bolts and nuts may be dipped in the powder or it
     may be squeeze-sprayed on.  Usually there is enough of the
     thread-cutting fluid on threads to cause a sufficient amount
     of the powder to adhere.  Second, very thin Teflon tape is
     also available for this purpose.  Both provide excellent
     sealing qualities in pipe joints.  The powder is also an
     excellent lubricant for door and drawer slides.  Samples of
     powder, tape, and paste were obtained from the Alpha Molykote
     Corp., Stanford, Conn.

     Finally, a new silicone grease (lubricant) that is water
     repellent seems to be the best material we've ever used for
     pipe dope, as well as a lubricant for Type F recorder pen-
     carriage slides and recorder bearings, for battery terminals
     to prevent corrosion, rubber and leather preservative-
     lubricant, and general purpose lubrication including plastics
     and aluminum.  The grease is manufactured by the General
     Electric Company under the trade name "Versilube."  There are
     several "Versilube" products for a wide range of uses but G-
     322, the one that we are trying, appears to be best suited
     and the most nearly general-purpose for our uses.  Stability
     over a wide temperature range and the ability to seal out
     water and water vapor are very important qualities, so far as
     we are concerned.  Moisture and heat cause the greatest loss
     of water records in the Memphis area.  A sample of the
     lubricant and samples of RTV sealant-adhesive silicone rubber
     were obtained from our local GE agent.

I am sure Jim would be happy to answer any additional questions
about these products if they appear to have application in your

                                   (s) C. L. McGuinness

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