EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES - Well-numbering slide rule

                           UNITED STATES
                    DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                         GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                     Water Resources Division
                        Washington 25, D.C.

In reply refer to:                             August 26, 1964
                                               Code:  4056 0001


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials (GW)

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch

Subject:  EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES - Well-numbering slide rule

The Long Beach offices of the California District has been using
the Gerber Variable Scale for the determination of latitude and
longitude well-code numbers, and found that it is faster than an
interpolation grid, is accurate, and can be used on any map which
shows latitude and longitude on the edge.  The scale was recently
brought to our attention by W.R. Morle, Jr., GW, Long Beach.

Attached is information concerning this piece of equipment.  We
are not endorsing the Gerber Scale, but because it may facilitate
determination of latitude and longitude, we would like to bring it
to your attention.

                                  O.M. Hackett


WRD Distribution:  A, B3, S3, without attachment
                   FOL3, SL, with attachment