PUBLICATIONS - Short papers for the 1964 Annual Review

                          GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                      WATER RESOURCES DIVISION
                         WASHINGTON 25, D. C.

(Reply no later than Oct. 15, '63)


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials (GW)

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch

Subject:  PUBLICATIONS - Short papers for the 1964 Annual Review

A review of the Ground Water Branch's record of contributions to
the Annual Review is highly gratifying.  Our production compares
favorably with that of other units within the Survey and, even
more important, we are reaching a broad, informed readership
promptly with current significant results of our work.

The Annual Review is an excellent medium for the prompt reporting
of important new findings and interesting side results of Survey
work, which might well be lost in the book-series publications.
The principal requirement is that the papers present truly
significant information and that they not duplicate material to be
published elsewhere within 1 year.  As the rules for preparation
and routing of contributions to the Annual Review differ somewhat
from those for other Survey publications, anyone unfamiliar with
these rules should refer to Joshua I. Tracey's memorandum of
November 19, 1962, to "Contributors of short papers for the 1963
Annual Review."  If you have need for additional copies of this
memorandum or of the special routing sheets for Annual Review
papers, you may obtain them by writing this office.

Each of you should review the record of contributions made by your
staff to the Annual Review and give consideration to suitable
subjects for future papers.  Although several districts have made
a very commendable showing, some districts have not submitted a
single article.  Does this mean that some of our programs do not
yield significant results of broad interest, or simply that some
districts are missing an excellent opportunity to publish results
because of inertia or the press of other work?  Either way, I
believe, we should take stock.  This series offers a particularly
good opportunity for prompt recognition of the work of
individuals, which is valuable in training our younger
professionals and is most important in keeping up their
professional morale.

Contributions should be encouraged on the basis of each man's own
initiative , because of his personal stake in his professional
reputation.  From this standpoint timely, short, high-quality
articles in the Annual Review may prove to be just as significant
as longer end products from a major project.

To gain some idea as to the number of papers that may be
forthcoming during the remainder of fiscal year 1964, each of you
is requested to send this office no later than October 15 the
title, author, and approximate date of submittal of all proposed

Ray Bentall will continue to serve as Approving Officer for the
Branch.  Therefore, all papers for the Annual Review should be
sent to him at 901 North 17th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska  68508.
He will review and transmit the approved papers to the Annual
Review Staff.

                                   (s) C. L. McGuinness
                                   for O. M. Hackett

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