PUBLICATIONS - Comprehensive list of topics for ground-water reports

                           UNITED STATES
                    DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                         GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                     Water Resources Division
                        Washington 25, D.C.

In reply refer to:                             November 23, 1960
                                               Code:  4053 0001


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials (GW)

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch

Subject:  PUBLICATIONS - Comprehensive list of topics for ground-
                         water reports

Recent comments indicate that some members of the Branch have not
seen or have forgotten about the comprehensive outline, or list of
topics, for a ground-water report that was distributed at several
past Ground Water Short Courses, and would like to see a copy.
Accordingly, 2 copies of the list are being sent to each district,
subdistrict, and project office of the Branch, and 1 copy to each
field headquarters.

It is to be noted that this list is not intended as a table of
contents for any particular report.  As a checklist--for use
during the planning and investigation or research stages as well
as during the writing of the report--it may suggest phases of
study or report topics that might otherwise be overlooked.  Each
project will have its own problems, of course, and no single list
of topics will apply to every study.  The present expanded program
of the Branch will doubtless suggest other pertinent subjects to
be considered.

In regard to report outlines, see also "Suggestions to Authors,"
page 8, and "Handling Ground-Water Reports," page 5.

                                (s) Philip E. LeMoreaux


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