MAPPING TECHNIQUES - High-altitude photography and 1/250,000-scale topographic maps

                          GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                      WATER RESOURCES DIVISION
                         Washington 25, D. C.

                                                 August 14, 1959
                                                 Code: 4052 0001


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials, Ground Water Branch

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch, Washington, D. C.

Subject: MAPPING TECHNIQUES - High-altitude photography and
                              1/250,000-scale topographic maps

Attached for your information and use is the latest index (June
1959) of high altitude photography in the U.S. and the index to
1/250,000 scale topographic maps of the U.S. (June 1959).

The instructions for ordering the high-altitude photographic
material is on the back of the map supplied with Ground-Water
Branch Memorandum No. 59.26, December 29, 1958.  The instructions
are still applicable and are not repeated on the map attached to
this memorandum.

The 1/250,000 scale topographic map may be ordered from the Map
Distribution office of the Survey in the usual way.  Orders should
state whether or not a woodland overprint is desired.  In some
cases, maps are available only with the military grid, rather than
the civil grid system.  Maps with the civil grid system will be
supplied for all orders if they are available.

Plastic relief models of some of the 1/250,000 scale maps have
been made by the Army Map Service.  The names of the maps that are
presently available in plastic relief models have been underlined
in red on the attached index map.  These maps are available only
with the military grid, but they do have the woodland overprint.
Because the maps are small-scale and the relief is easily seen,
even by those unfamiliar with topographic maps, they are good for
use in connection with informal talks, explanation of our work to
visitors to the office, display in the office, and various other

The cost of the plastic relief models in $2.50 per map to
Government agencies.  Private parties may buy the models for $4.00
each.  The plastic relief models may be ordered from the Army Map
Service, Corps of Engineers, 6500 Brooks Lane, Washington 25, D.
C.  A purchase order (Form 9-1134) should be prepared for the
order and the account chargeable should be shown on the purchase
order.  The cost of all plastic relief models must be borne by
district funds.

                                   (s) H. M. Babcock
                                   for P. E. LaMoreaux

Attachment:  FO-L3, SL only

Distribution:  A, B, S3, FO-L3, SL