ACCOUNTING - Federal Program Funds

                           UNITED STATES
                    DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                         GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                     Water Resources Division
                        Washington 25, D.C.

In reply refer to:                          October 13, 1958
                                            Code 4050 0001


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials, Ground Water Branch

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch, Washington, D.C.

Subject:  ACCOUNTING - Federal Program Funds

Ground Water Branch Memorandum No. 59.4 stated that you should
plan on Survey federal program funds being increased by a
deficiency appropriation in the next session of Congress,
equivalent to the general pay raise.

In order that you can execute your program in the scope as planned
prior to the pay raise, revised account authorization cards
reflecting an increase will be issued as soon as feasible.  Though
the exact amount is not known at present, you should plan on an
increase of at least 7.5 percent.

                                 (s) A. N. Sayre

Distribution:  A, B, FO-3, S-3, SL