PERSONNEL - Manpower needs and availability

                           UNITED STATES
                    DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                         GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                     Water Resources Division
                        Washington 25, D.C.

In reply refer to:                             March 5, 1958
                                               Code 4054 0001


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials (GW)

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch, Washington, D.C.

Subject:  PERSONNEL - Manpower needs and availability

Future requests for personnel should be made on the premise that
an adequate number of professionals will be available to fill our

In the past we have had some difficulty in meeting the manpower
needs in the Districts because of shortage of qualified
professional personnel and, in order to keep the program going,
probably some sub-professionals have been hired to handle the work
as best they could.  It now appears that an adequate number of
capable, experienced geologists are available to fill most, if not
all, of the vacant positions in the Branch, now and in the near
future.  These men, with few exceptions, would enter on duty with
the Branch at grades GS-7 and above.

It is requested that you plan to use these well-qualified men who
could be assigned to the various Districts, rather than attempting
to hire sub-professional employees such a Physical Science Aides.
W.A.F. employees should not be converted to full-time status
unless they are outstanding candidates or unless we had made a
previous commitment.

                                (s) A. N. Sayre

Distribution:  A, B, GS, GFO