Lists of ground-water reports

                           UNITED STATES
                    DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                         GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                     Water Resources Division
                        Washington 25, D.C.

In reply refer to:                               April 11, 1957
                                                 Code 4053 0001


To:       District Chiefs and Staff Officials, Ground Water Branch

From:     Chief, Ground Water Branch, Washington, D.C.

Subject:  Lists of ground-water reports

One of the very helpful sources of information in preparing
replies to the large number of requests for ground-water
information that come into the Washington office from all parts of
the country has been the lists of ground-water reports prepared by
a number of the district offices for their States.  Some of the
lists are accompanied by maps showing the area covered by each

Each district office that has not prepared such a list is
encouraged to do so, provided that the following suggestions are
kept in mind:

     (1)  The lists should be simple and designed for the most
          economical methods of reproduction by the district

     (2)  Editions should be relatively small to avoid waste.  A
          list, once prepared, can be brought up to date with very
          little additional work.

     (3)  Only published and open-file reports should be listed.
          Nonpublic reports, whether or not security classified,
          should not be listed; the recipient of the list has no
          access to them and to list them is only to invite
          requests that must be refused.

     (4)  Non-Survey reports may well be listed if pertinent and
          if the number of such reports is not to large.  If the
          number is large, a list of the addresses of the agencies
          issuing them might suffice.

     (5)  Whenever a new edition is prepared, this office should
          be supplied about a dozen copies.

                                (s) A. N. Sayre

Distribution:  A, B, GS, GFO