Distribution of Ground Water Notes

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                              UNITED STATES
                       DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
                            GEOLOGICAL SURVEY
                        WATER RESOURCES DIVISION
                           Washington 25, D.C.

                                                    August 12, 1954

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To:       District supervisors of the Ground Water Branch

From:     Assistant Chief, Ground Water Branch

Subject:  Distribution of Ground Water Notes

        To date, our practice in regard to Ground Water Notes has 
been to classify them in one of three ways as follows:

        1.      Unmarked, in the open file and, in most cases, 
available for limited distribution upon request to the 
Washington office.  Mostly reprints of old "classical" papers.

        2.      Marked "Open file.  For distribution in Ground Water 
Branch only."  Mostly new papers suitable for open file but not 
for wide distribution.  Distributed to Ground Water men only.

        3.      Marked "For use in Ground Water Branch only."  Non-
open-file papers, not to be shown or distributed to outsiders.

        That some of the Notes have been accessible to the public 
has resulted in numerous requests from outsiders for complete 
sets, and in considerable disappointment on their part when the 
requests could not be met.  Therefore it has been decided that, 
in the future, we will make Ground Water Notes of only those 
papers that are suitable for an approved for the open file.  
Past Notes that are not in the open file (nos. 10, 18, 19, 20, 
23, and 24 of the first 25) will be reviewed and, if necessary, 
revised for open-file release as soon as possible.  You will be 
notified when release of each one is accomplished; if revision 
is necessary a new supply of the revised papers, or revised 
pages thereof, will be run off and sent you, with instructions 
to call in and destroy all copies of the superseded versions.

        To get around the problem of distribution, copies of the 
Notes will be distributed to Ground Water men only - that is, 
professionals or qualified subprofessionals of the Ground Water 
Branch, and professionals of cooperating agencies who are 
working under our direct supervision.  Others are welcome to 
inspect copies in our offices, but copies will be available to 
them only when reproduced at their expense, as in the case of 
any other open-file document.

        There still will remain the occasional paper on a new 
method that should be made available to the field office for 
information and testing but that is not ready for open filing or 
publication, such as were previously issued as Ground Water 
Notes of the third class.  Most such papers, which will include 
Mr. Doyle Knowles' writeup of Mr. J. G. Ferris' lecture notes, 
will be duplicated as miscellaneous documents and made available 
to Ground Water men, and they must not be given or shown, in 
whole or in part, to any outsider.  Some such papers will be 
reproduced in the Water Resources Bulletin, which also is not 
accessible to outsiders.

        The exact number of copies of Ground Water Notes and 
miscellaneous papers needed for members of the Branch, and for 
members of cooperating agencies who are entitled to use them, 
will be sent to each district office.  Extra copies will no 
longer be sent in anticipation of the hiring of new employees.  
When an employee resigns, his copies are to be retained; they 
are Branch, not personal, property and will constitute the 
copies to be made available to his replacement.  If an employee 
is transferred he may take his set with him, and from then on he 
will receive a copy of each new paper from his new supervisor.  
Insofar as possible this office will continue to furnish 
complete sets of back Notes for new employees who do not 
constitute replacements for employees who have resigned.

        This office will keep track of the number of Federal 
employees entitled to receive copies.  The district offices 
should keep us informed of the names of State professional 
employees working under our direct supervision who are entitled 
to use copies.  Those offices supervising such employees are 
requested to send a list of their names immediately, and to keep 
us informed of changes (attention code 45040).  The district 
supervisors will be responsible for seeing that copies assigned 
to State employees are handled in accordance with the same rules 
that apply to those assigned to Federal employees.

                            /s/ A. G. Fiedler
                            Assistant Chief
                            Ground Water Branch