Stream Discharge Measurement Adjustment


Discharge code. The code describing the method of adjustment for the discharge value.


United States Geological Survey, Surface Water User Group

Reference List

Code Sort Order Valid Flag Name Description
UNSP 1 false Unspecified Transfer from null code only
MEAS 2 true Measured The discharge value was measured.
STOR 3 true Adjusted for storage The discharge value was adjusted for channel storage (between the measurement and the gage).
BYPS 4 true Adjusted for other flows The discharge at the gaging site was adjusted to account for bypass lateral tributary or diverted flows.
MAIN 5 true Main channel flow only The discharge was from a measurement in the main channel only it does not include other channels in this stream.
TIDE 6 true Adjusted for tidal effect The discharge was adjusted for tidal effect.
OTHR 7 true Adjusted for other factors The discharge was adjusted by a method not listed.(see measurement remarks).