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Grids of Agricultural Pesticide Use in the Conterminous United States, 1992

Data Catalog

Data format

The pesticide grids are available in ArcInfo format and as ASCII text files.

ArcInfo format: The ArcInfo files are in Workstation Grid format in an ArcInfo workspace, which has been converted to a Tar archive file compressed with the GNU gzip utility. The compressed ArcInfo files are named "kgXXXX_92.tar.gz" and can be uncompressed either by using the WinZip utility or "gunzip" and "tar".

When using WinZip, the "kgXXXX_92.tar.gz" file will uncompress into a "kgXXXX_92" folder, which contains a subfolder (or ArcInfo Workspace) named "arctar00000". The pesticide grid is stored in the "arctar00000" workspace and has the following INFO files:

gridname.BND ESRI boundary file
gridname.STA ESRI statistics file
When using "gunzip" and "tar", invoke the following commands:
gunzip gridname_92.tar.gz
tar xvf gridname_92.tar
ASCII (text) format: The ASCII grid files are compressed with the Winzip utility. Each .zip archive file contains the following files:
gridname.asc ASCII data file
gridname.prj text-format projection file

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