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Program Mission

The Water Resources Research Act of 1984, as amended, (42USC1031 et seq.) authorizes a water resources research institute in each state and territory to:

1. "plan, conduct, or otherwise arrange for competent research that fosters (A) the entry of new research scientists into the water resources fields, (B) the training and education of future water scientists, engineers, and technicians, (C) the preliminary exploration of new ideas that address water problems or expand understanding of water and water related phenomena, and (D) the dissemination of research results to water managers and the public, and

2. "cooperate closely with other colleges and universities in the State that have demonstrated capabilities for reserach, information dissemination, and graduate training in order to develop a statewide program designed to resolve State and regional water and related land problems."

Each institute is also directed to "cooperate closely with other institutes and other organizations in the region to increase the effectiveness of the institutes and for the purpose of promoting regional coordination."

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