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Title: UDC WRRC Seed Grant Program

Focus Category: WQL, NPP, LIP

Keywords: Assessment, Water Quality, Methods, Community, Policy

Duration: May 1999 through June 2000

FY 99 Fed Funds: $ 4,000.00

Non-Federal Funds: $11,000.00

Principal Investigator(s): Various - To Be Determined From: American University George Washington Catholic University Howard Georgetown UDC

Congressional District: District of Columbia

Statement of DC Water Problems To Be Addressed

The UDC WRRC will provide a limited number of research seed-grants of up to $5000 to be used as support for background studies and preliminary research that will lead to full water resources research proposals for outside funding agencies. A broad range is problems may be addressed. Relevance to the problems of DC and its region will be important selection criteria for the Evaluation Committee.

Statement of Benefits

This program can have significant benefits in encouraging investigators who have limited institutional financial support for time to invest in research and/or who need more than the usual initial support to make a credible case for innovative approaches. The availability of seed funding in research organizations generally results in greater innovation in the approaches to problems.


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