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Title: Executive Summary-FY 1999 Utah Center for Water Resources Research Institute Program

Federal Funding: $68,000

Non Federal Funding: $136,372

Principal Administrative Personnel

Objectives and Expectations

The Utah Water Resources Research Program is advised by interactive meetings with senior agency managers, consisting of directors (or their representatives) of water-related agencies in Utah State government, federal agencies with active water resource programs in Utah, and by other individuals representing professional, public, and management interests.

The Utah Water Resources Research Program is currently running about 175 projects. These studies encompass more than $6.0 million per year in research and involve approximately 200 people. The projects in the state research program through the Utah Water Research Laboratory generally also relate to regional priorities, shown in Table I. Our United States Geological Survey (USGS) funding supports these priorities. Under the current approach for funding the USGS 104 program, the Utah Center proposes to use the $68,000 base grant for program management, information dissemination, and implementation of the project on "Source Water Protection Assessment Tools Development." Specific activities that we propose for support using the grant are as follows:

  1. Managing and implementing the project "Source Water Protection Assessment Tools Development," as described. The project will involve State of Utah regulatory authorities including the Division of Water Quality and the Division of Drinking Water within the Department of Environmental Quality.
  2. Technology transfer of research results through our annual reports, newsletters, Research Workshops for state and federal agency personnel, annual Senior Agency Management briefings, and the Utah Water Journal.
  3. Participation in regional and national collaborative activities through the Powell Consortium and the National Institutes for Water Resources (NIWR).

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