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AL A Preliminary Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Current BMPs in Controlling Stormwater Discharges from Small Construction Sites in the Valley and Ridge Physiographic Region and Developing Metrics to Assess the Effects of Discharge on Stream Communities [PDF]
AL The Efficacy of Employing Bacillus globii as a Particulate Tracer in Various Aquatic Systems [PDF]
AK Technology to Help Alaskan Mines Clean-up Cyanide Contaminated Water - Pilot Scale Testing of a Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor [PDF]
AK Geomorphological Controls on Hydrological Processes in the Alaskan Arctic [PDF]
AK In Situ Gibbs Free Energies for Hydrogen Oxidizing Terminal Electron-Accepting Processes in Contaminated Subarctic Groundwater [PDF]
AZ Approaches to Reduce Taste and Odor Problems in Drinking Water [PDF]
AZ Isotope Biohydrology of an Ephemeral Drainage [PDF]
AZ Partitioning the Causative Factors of Evapo-sublimation [PDF]
AZ Physical Effects of Flood Flows on Seedling Growth and Survivorship: Comparative Responses of Native Riparian Trees and Shrubs to Saltcedar [PDF]
AR Economics of Using On-Farm Reservoirs to Distribute Diverted Surface Water to Depleted Ground Water Areas of the Southern Mississippi Valley Region [PDF]
AR Land Use, Groundwater Decline, and Soil Wetness Features of the Southern Mississippi Valley Alluvium [PDF]

Survival of Escherichia Coli in the Sediments of a Northwest Arkansas Stream and Spring

CA New Approach for Assessing Regional Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination [PDF]
CO Description and Interpretation of Salinization in the Lower Arkansas River Valley, Colorado Focus [PDF]
CT Internal Phosphorus Loading in Ponds [PDF]
CT Management of Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in Connecticut Watersheds [PDF]
CT A study of vernal pool ecosystems in southern New England [PDF]
DC UDC WRRC Seed Grant Program [PDF]
DC DC's Contaminated Anacostia Estuary Sediments: A Biomonitoring Approach [PDF]
FL Effect of toxic algae on alligators and alligator egg development [PDF]
FL Web-based integration of multiporosity groundwater modeling with field verification in a virtual workshop environment [PDF]
GA Sediment Transport Characterization in the Georgia Piedmont [PDF]
GA Effects of Sediment on Channel and Floodplain Storage and Resultant Flooding in Urban Streams Focus [PDF]
GA A Geochemical Investigation of the Source of Nitrate Contamination in Groundwaters in the Vicinity of Albany, Georgia [PDF]
GU The Evaluation of Several Chemical Indicators of Fecal Pollution in Relationship to Standard Microbiological Indicators [PDF]
GU Development of an Accurate Rainfall Data Base, Rainfall Climatology, and Rainfall Distribution Maps for Guam [PDF]
GU Development of design parameters for household rainwater catchment systems for the Island of Saipan [PDF]
GU Tanapag and Achugao Springs Improvement Study, Saipan [PDF]
GU The Application of Slow Sand Filtration Technology For Kosrae State, Federated States of Micronesia: A pilot Project [PDF]
HI Polymer Effects on Virus and Bacteria Transport in Subsurface [PDF]
HI Predicting the Effectiveness of High-Intensity UV Lamp Technology as a Disinfectant for Various Quality Wastewaters Using the Collimated Beam Method [PDF]
ID Phosphorus Source/Sink Dynamics in a Flood-Irrigated Agricultural System in Central Idaho [PDF]
ID Evaluation of Recharge Mechanisms and Rates Through Loess in the Moscow-Pullman Basin Using Environmental Tracers and Soil Stratigraphy [PDF]
ID Completing the Idaho Climate Database [PDF]
IL Genetic Algorithms for the Control of Sedimentation in River-Reservoir Networks [PDF]
IL Denitrification Rates and Controls in Sediments of Illinois Surface Waters [PDF]
IL Relative Scales of Hydrodynamic and Geomorphologic Influence on the Hydrologic Response in the Illinois River Basin [PDF]
IA Field Assessment Of Groundwater Quality Beneath Cracking Soil With Surface-Applied Hog Manure [PDF]
IA Pilot Study of Bio-markers for Evaluation of Water Quality in Iowa Streams [PDF]
IA A prediction system for transport and fate of toxic substances in surface waters [PDF]
IN Assessing the hydrologic and geomorphic impacts of land use change in urbanizing watersheds, Indianapolis. [PDF]
KS The Relationship Between Soil Test Phosphorus Levels and Phosphorus in Surface Runoff in Manure Amended Soils: A Rainfall Simulator Study [PDF]
KS The Kansas Water Institute An Integrated Electronic Community of Knowledge [PDF]
KY Records of Holocene Climatic and Hydrologic Variability in Spring Tufa From Kentucky: Will Global Climate Changes Affect Water Availability in Karst Terrains of the Mid-Continent Area? [PDF]
LA Mercury in Louisiana Freshwater Lakes: The effect of anaerobic conditions on methylation and demethylation of mercury [PDF]
LA Mitigation of urban storm water discharges to City Park Lake through integrated passive adsorptive-filtration [PDF]
LA Photocatalytic/Adsolubilization Semiconducting Monolith Reactor for theTreatment of Dilute Wastewater [PDF]
ME Ecosystem-wide effects of roadway runoff on headwater streams in Maine [PDF]
ME Impact of Manure on Stream Water Quality [PDF]
ME Cycling and Speciation of Mercury in the Soil of the Acadia National Park [PDF]
MD Engineered Bioretention for Removal of Nitrogen from Stormwater Runoff [PDF]
MD Atmospheric Deposition of Currently Used Pesticides to an Eastern Shore Watershed [PDF]
MA Comparative Toxicity of Formulated Glycol Deicers and Pure Ethylene and Propylene Glycol [PDF]
MA Comparison of models to estimate land derived nitrogen loads [PDF]
MI Natural Resources Integrated Information System [PDF]
MI Watershed Based Optimization Approach for Identification and Management of Non-Point Source Pollution [PDF]
MN Characterizing the Fate of Nitrogen Fertilizer to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Irrigated Potato Production [PDF]
MN Assessing The Effects Of Endocrine Disrupters (Edcs) From A St. Paul Sewage Treatment Plant On Sperm Viability And Testicular Development In Fish: Adding A New Dimension To An Existing Project [PDF]
MN Feasibility of controlled drainage for mitigating nutrient loss from tile drainage systems in south central Minnesota [PDF]
MS Dechlorination of PCBs, CAHs, Herbicides and Pesticides in Soils, Sludges, DNAPLs and Bulk with Na/NH2 Ca/NH3 at Ambient Temperature [PDF]
MS Effectiveness of Streamside Management Zones in Protecting Aquatic Habitat in Timber Management Areas [PDF]
MS Development of an Innovative Kenaf-Based Biosorptive Water Treatment Process [PDF]
MS Benefits of Various Best Management Practices in Reducing Herbicides in Runoff Water [PDF]
MO Measurement of Waterborne Pathogens in Wetlands and Wetland Treatment Systems Focus [PDF]
MO Development of a Simple Combustion Process for Disposal of Waste from Livestock Operations [PDF]
MT Ground-Water Recharge Characterization Using Isotope And Geochemical Analyses, West Billings Area, Yellowstone County, Montana [PDF]
MT Computational Methods in River Engineering [PDF]
MT Ground-Water Age Dating as a Tool to Assess Land-Use Effects on Recharge and Water Quality in Intermontane Basins [PDF]
MT Nutrient Load Reductions from Land Conservation & Restoration in the Lost Creek Watershed, Clark Fork River Basin [PDF]
MT Student Support for Assessment of Groundwater Contamination from Subdivisions [PDF]
NE An Assessment of Factors Indicating Well Vulnerability in Nebraska [PDF]
NE Evalulating the Effects of Pesticide Mixtures to Freshwater Algae [PDF]
NE A Test of Permeable Zero-Valent Iron Barriers for In-Situ Containment and Remediation of Pesticide Contamination in Unsaturated Soils [PDF]
NV Estimation of Groundwater Recharge Using Environmental Tracers and Comparison of Results to Other Estimation Methodologies [PDF]
NV Development of a Budget for Mercury in Waters of the Upper Carson River Watershed [PDF]
NV Development of a Prototype System Dynamics Based Decision Support System to Aid in Integrated Watershed Planning for the Lake Tahoe Watershed [PDF]
NH Development of Statewide Nutrient Loading Coefficients Through Geographic Information System Aided Analysis [PDF]
NH Estimation of Flow-Duration Curves at Ungaged Stream Reaches in New Hampshire and Vermont [PDF]
NJ Scaling of saturated hydraulic conductivity and dyed-stained flow pathways [PDF]
NJ Habitat and nutritional value of the invasive marsh plant Phragmites australis for estuarine animals, as compared with that of Spartina alterniflora [PDF]
NJ The role of riparian habitats and stream networks in facilitating the spread of exotic species [PDF]
NM Concentration of Viral Particles from Water by Ultrafiltration (year 2 of 2 - continued) [PDF]
NM Miniaturized DNA Biosensor System for Detecting Cryptosporidium in Water Samples (year 2 of 2 continued) [PDF]
NM Ultrafiltration based concentration of viruses and Cryptosporidium oocysts from environmental water samples [PDF]
NM Hyperfiltration-Induced Precipitation of Sodium Chloride [PDF]
NY Settling Characteristics of As-Deposited Cryptosporidium Oocysts [PDF]
NY Estimating the Risk of Water Contamination by Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts and other colloidal pollutants [PDF]
NC Predicting Long-term Wetland Hydrology Using Hydric Soil Field Indicators [PDF]
NC Impact of Sediment Processes on Water Quality in the Neuse River Estuary [PDF]
NC Soil processes impacting groundwater quality in the North Carolina Piedmont: Contamination by organic agrochemicals [PDF]
OH Ultrasonic Cleaning of Fouled Membranes During Drinking Water Treatment [PDF]
OK Documentation and Dissemination of Geospatial Data in Oklahoma Educational Institutions [PDF]
OR Long-term Willamette River Restoration Possibilities and Impacts of Physical Activities on River Processes [PDF]
OR Distribution and Source Determination of Fecal Coliform in the Long Term Watershed [PDF]
OR Mitigation of High Stream Temperatures in the Tualatin River Basin: An opportunity for effluent credit trading [PDF]
OR Oregon Coastal Lakes: Water Quality Status and Management Implications Based on Nutrient Loading [PDF]
PA Impact of stream-subsurface exchange on fine sediment dynamics in streams [PDF]
PA Development of Youth Water Conservation Education Materials for Pennsylvania 4-H Programs [PDF]
PR Dynamic Simulation Of Water Distribution Systems With Instantaneous Demands [PDF]
RI Application of Ra-223 as a Tracer of Groundwater in Southern Rhode Island Watersheds [PDF]
RI Acid Phosphatase Activity As An Indicator Of Phosphorus Status In Riparian Forest Soils [PDF]
RI Isotope hydrology investigation of the Pawcatuck Watershed [PDF]
SC Reestablishment of an Estuarine Marsh and Waterway after Causeway Removal [PDF]
SC Assessment of Conditions and Public Attitudes Concerning Marine Sanitation of the Lakes Encompassed by the Savannah River Watershed Region: Policy Projections for the Future [PDF]
SD Development of an on-the-go Soil Sensor for Identifying Nutrient Management Zones and Improving Water Quality [PDF]
SD Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution Projects in South Dakota: A Case Study of Pickerel Lake [PDF]
SD Wetland Management in Agricultural Landscapes in the Prairie Pothole Region [PDF]
TN High-rate anaerobic pretreatment of animal wastewater: Impact on traditional anaerobic animal waste treatment system performance and economics [PDF]
TX Developing A Risk-Based Approach To Watershed-Level, Non-Point-Source Modeling Of Fecal Coliform Pollution For Total Maximum Daily Load Estimates [PDF]
UT Executive Summary-FY 1999 Utah Center for Water Resources Research Institute Program [PDF]
VT Viability of the seed bank under exotic aquatic weeds [PDF]
VI Delivery, deposition, and effects of land-based sediments on corals in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands [PDF]
WA The Role of Turbulence and Sediment Availability in Sediment Erosion Processes [PDF]
WA Mechanisms of Pesticide Transport to Surface Water at the Field Scale in a Dryland-Agriculture Region [PDF]
WV Reuse of AMD Sludge in Conjunction with Membrane Process for Industrial Wastewater Treatment [PDF]
WV Improving the Recycle of Class C Steel Slags by Treatment with Acid Mine Drainage [PDF]
WI Hydraulic Conductivity and Specific Storage of the Maquoketa Shale [PDF]
WI Macropore Flow: A Means for Enhancing Groundwater Recharge or a Potential Source of Groundwater Contamination [PDF]
WY Developing an Enhanced Framework for Visualization and Distribution of Digital Spatial Water Resources Data in Wyoming [PDF]

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