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1999 National Competitive Grants

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CA Bioavailability of Particle-Associated Pesticides in Northern San Francisco Bay [PDF]
CA A Molecular, Community-Based Approach for Tracking Pathogenic Bacteria Through Coastal Watersheds [PDF]
HI Elucidation of sources and fluxes of suspended solids and antropogenically derived heavy metals in streams of small subtropical watersheds, Oahu, Hawaii [PDF]
ID Metal(loid) Cycling in Lake Couer d'Alene, ID as Controlled by Reduced Sulfur Species [PDF]
IL Analysis of Water Use Trends in the United States: 1950-1995 [PDF]
WA Surface and Subsurface Transport Pathways of Non-Point Agricultural Pollutants: Analysis of the Problem Over Four Decades of Basin Scale [PDF]
WA A Watershed Scale Study on No-Till Farming Systems for Reducing Sediment Delivery [PDF]
WI Hydrology and biogeochemistry in the Wisconsin river floodplain: implications for rivervine nitrogen loads [PDF]
WI The Spatial Variability of Natural Groundwater Recharge [PDF]
WI Development of Translators for Filterable Metals Based Upon Watershed Characteristics [PDF]

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