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Project Title:Public Educational Access to Resources on Lakes in Maine

Duration: 9/1/97 - 8/31/99 (two years)

Federal Funds: $39,523

Non-Federal Funds: $39,114

State Funds: $48,514

Principal Investigators:

Jeffrey S. Kahl1, Linda Bacon2, Mary Ann McGarry1,3, and Scott Williams4

1Water Research Institute, University of Maine

2Maine Department of Environmental Protection

3Maine Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), University of Maine

4Volunteer Monitoring Program

State critical water issue addressed: Access to water resources information

One of the key information issues hampering the efforts of researchers, water quality monitors, regulators, planners, and educators is poor accessibility to information about Maine lakes. Recreationally, aesthetically, and economically, lakes are important features in the state, with a recent report estimating that the total contribution of lakes to the state economy is over 9 billion dollars (Boyle et al., 1996). Most of Maine's population lives, works, or plays around our lakes, and 60 percent get their drinking water from lakes. There are over 260 local or regional lake associations that deal with issues of lake protection and management. However, access to the available information on Maine lakes is complicated by the number of agencies who independently collect and store these data, and the range of data formats which generally are not compatible.

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