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Title:   Wastewater Treatment for Odor/Nutrient Control

Duration:        August 1, 1997 to July 31, 1999

 FY 1997 Federal Funds:           $23,700

FY 1997Non-Federal Funds:$47,501

Principal Investigator's Name and University:

P. Y. Yang , University of Hawaii at Manoa , Department of Biosystems Engineering

Congressional District of University where the research is to be conducted: First

Statement of critical regional or state water problems:

Odor and nutrient are two obvious issues that determine the success of reuse/disposal of wastewater and sludge from conventional domestic sewage treatment and animal waste management systems. To address these issues, it is clear that new technology is required to improve or upgrade existing wastewater treatment facilities. Reuse problems associated with the use of primary and secondary treated effluent of domestic sewage for agricultural production include clogging of the drip irrigation tube, less sugar content of sugarcane, eutrophication of the water body, and contamination of groundwater. Controlling odor, nutrients (such as nitrogen), and dissolved solids are the main problems closely related to the reuse/disposal of treated wastewater and sludge.

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