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State Water Resources Research Institutes
1997 Competitive Grant Awards

The following projects were awarded grants under the fiscal year 1997 Regional Competitive Grant Program. For a synopsis of a project, click on the state abbreviation to the left of the title.

Progress/Completion Reports are available only in Adobe® (.PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® you can download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® here. Also see Adobe® accessibility information, Information for users with disabilities, if applicable.

Table of Contents

AL Enhanced Bubble and Wave-Mediated Aeration of Treated and Natural Waters [PDF]
AL Models of Interstate Water Allocations in Theory and Practice [PDF]
AR Investigation of Optimum Sample Number and Timing for Determining Pollution Loads [PDF]
CT A Multiple Study of Vernal Pools: From Leaf Litter to Landscape Level [PDF]
DE The Effect of Biosurfactants on Fate and Transport of Nonpolar Organic Contaminants on Porous Media [PDF]
FL Well-Field Pumping Effects on Isolated Wetlands [PDF]
GA Effects of Sedimentation on Biodiversity in Rivers and Streams of the Southeastern United States [PDF]
GA Development of Efficient Planning and Management Models for the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint and Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa River Basins [PDF]
GU Development of Guidelines for Rainwater Catchment Systems in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia, the State of Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands [PDF]
GU Validation of Soil Leaching Computer Simulation Models to Manage Nitrate Pollution in a Shallow, Calcareous Soil [PDF]
HI Wastewater Treatment for Odor/Nutrient Control [PDF]
HI In Situ Experimental Analysis and Modeling of Diesel Fuel Bioremediation in a Tidally Influenced Aquifer [PDF]
IA Enhancing Abiotic Degradation of Trichloroethylene with Bimetals [PDF]
IA Watershed level Approach to Siting Wetlands for Hydrologic and Water Quality Functions [PDF]
IL Use of Constructed Wetlands to Improve Water Quality [PDF]
IL Controlling Cryptosporidium in Drinking Water Supply for Small Communities [PDF]
IN Restoration of Degraded Midwestern Streams: Implications for Water Quality and Biological Communities [PDF]
KS Phosphorous in Surface Runoff: Best Management Practices and Soil Dynamics [PDF]
KY Natural Attenuations of Trichloroethene in Wetland Soils and Paleowetland Sediments [PDF]
KY Development of a Novel In Vitro Screening Assay for Analysis of Bioavailable Metal [PDF]
LA Cotton-leaf Analytical Test for the Mid-South U.S. to Prevent the Over-Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer [PDF]
MA Watershed Assessment Training Program [PDF]
MA Comparison of Contingent Valuation and Conjoint Analysis for Measuring the Total Economic Value of Water Resources [PDF]
MD Development of a Systematic Approach for Channel Restoration Activities [PDF]
ME A Study of the Effect of Lake-Water Quality on the Prices of Lake-Front Property in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont [PDF]
ME Public Educational Access to Resources on Lakes in Maine: A Proposal to Establish a GIS-Based internet Database for Maine Lakes [PDF]
MI Protecting Water Quality with an Integrated Rural Watershed Analysis System [PDF]
MN Remediation of Atrazine Contamination in Municipal Drinking Water [PDF]
MS Chemical Mixtures: Consequences for Water Quality [PDF]
MS Assessment of Environmental Estrogens in Wastewater: Potential for Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity in Fish [PDF]
MT Getting at Background Chemistry of Mineral Rich Drainages: A Study of Two Montana Mining Districts [PDF]
MT The Fate and Transport of Virus and Bacteria in Groundwater: A Mass Balance Approach [PDF]
NC Biologically Mediated Nitrogen Dynamics in Eutrophying Estuaries: Assessing Denitrification and N2 Fixation Responses to Proposed N Loading Reductions in the Neuse River Estuary [PDF]
NC An Improved Characterization of a Fractured-Rock Aquifer by the Transient Flowmeter Test [PDF]
NE Site Specific Management Strategies for Improving Nitrogen Efficiency Under Furrow Irrigation [PDF]
NE Herbicide Effects on Water Quality in the Great Plains: Mechanisms of Selective Atrazine Toxicity in Freshwater Algae [PDF]
NH Statewide Water Resources Research Conference [PDF]
NH Bacterial and Nutrient Dynamics in Stormwater Control Systems in New Hampshire [PDF]
NV Salinity Management in Western Wetlands: Effects of Irrigated Agriculture on Avian Diversity [PDF]
NY The Development of a Regional Approach to Estimate Low Streamflow Frequency at Unguaged River Sites in the NE U.S. [PDF]
NY Cryptosporidium Parvum: Fate of Oocysts in Soil [PDF]
OH Economic and Hydrologic Analysis of Integrated Wetland Reservoir and Subirrigated Agricultural Production Systems in the Mid-South U.S. to Prevent the Over-Application of Nitrogen Fertilizer [PDF]
OH Degradation of Groundwater Quality from Pumping-Induced Surface-Water Infiltration: Bacterial Contamination [PDF]
OK Geochemical and Microbiological Influences on Terminal Electron Accepting Processes and its Relation to the Biodegradation of Pollutants in the Subsurfaces: A Study of an Aquifer Contaminated by Landfill Leachate [PDF]
PA Evaluating Contributions of Atmospheric Deposition to Nitrate in Mid-Appalachian Streams by Isotrophic Separation [PDF]
PA An Updated Assessment of Acidic Deposition in Pennsylvania [PDF]
PR Recirculation of Leachate Within the Landfill for the Leachate Treatment [PDF]
RI The Feasibility of Cost Sharing in Nonpoint Source Pollution Control [PDF]
SD Geochemistry of Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Big Sioux Basin, Eastern South Dakota [PDF]
TN Field-Training of Krypton-85 as an Emerging Tool for Age-Dating Groundwater [PDF]
TX Value Assessments in Surface Water Transfer: Deterministic and Stochastic Issues for Buyer, Seller and Third Parties [PDF]
VA A Framework for Evaluating BMP Effects on N and P Discharges from Watersheds [PDF]
VA Generation of Non-point Source pollution and Flood Waters: Identifying Source Areas From Considerations of Soil Moistures [PDF]
VA An Optimal Rehabilitation Design Model for a Reliable Water Distribution Network System [PDF]
VI Erosion and Sedimentation on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands [PDF]
WA Impact of Climatic Variations on Flood Magnitude and Frequency in Three Hydroclimatic Regions of the Western US [PDF]
WA A Problem-Solving Tool for Mitigating the impact on Water Quality of Management Practices in Small Rural Watersheds [PDF]
WI Use of Specific Sorbents and Rapid Bioassays for Ground-Water Monitoring [PDF]
WV Evaluation of Biocidal Polymers for the Treatment of Domestic Water Supplies: Application of Polymers to the Surface of Carrier Particles [PDF]

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