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State Water Resources Research Institutes
1996 Competitive Grant Awards

The following projects were awarded grants under the fiscal year 1996 Regional Competitive Grant Program. For a synopsis of a project, click on the state abbreviation to the left of the title.

Progress/Completion Reports are available only in Adobe® (.PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® you can download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® here. Also see Adobe® accessibility information, Information for users with disabilities, if applicable.

Table of Contents

AL An Evaluation of Data Needs to Support Flood Frequency Estimation for Regulated Sites [PDF]
AR Effects of Zebra Mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, Infestation on Lake Dardanelle Water Quality [PDF]
AR Vulnerability and Use of Ground and Surface Waters in the Southern Mississippi Valley Region [PDF]
AR Assessing the Effects of a Small Community Using Onsite Waste Water Treatment Systems on Ground and SurfaceWater Quality [PDF]
AZ Enteric Pathogen Reduction by Artificial Wetlands [PDF]
AZ One Thousand Years of Colorado Rive Flow: The Proxy Record of Oxygen Isotopes in Marine Mollusks from the Colorado Delta [PDF]
CT Using a Paleolimnological Approach as a Tool for Protecting, Restoring, and Understanding Aquatic Ecosystems [PDF]
DE Geochemistry, Geostatistics and Hydrology of Phosphorus Losses in Agricultural Drainage in the Atlantic Coastal Plain: Developing Improved Phosphorous Management Practicesfor Surface Water Protection (3 yr) [PDF]
GA Microbial Reductive Dehalogenationof Compounds under Iron-Reducing Conditions [PDF]
GA Protecting High Risk Wetlands in Georgia's Coastal Plain from Anthropogenic Groundwater Pertubations [PDF]
GU Development and Monitoring of Best Agricultural Management Practices to Minimize Nitrate Pollution in a Shallow and Calcareous Soil [PDF]
HI Investigation of Sorption, Desorption, and Bioregeneration of Natural Organic Matter and Pesticides on Granular Activated Used to Treat Contaminated Drinking Water [PDF]
HI Experimental Analysis and Modeling of Diesel Fuel Bioremediation in a Tidally Influenced Aquifer [PDF]
HI A Prototype Swine Waste Treatment and Utilization Plant for the Tropic Hawaii Environment [PDF]
IA Effectiveness of a Constructed Buffer Strip in Capturing Nitrogen in the Midwestern Agricultural Landscape [PDF]
ID Near-Surface Hydrology of the Eastern Palouse Region [PDF]
IL Optimizing Control Strategies for Disinfection By-Products for Small Water Supplies Using Ozone As An Alternative Disinfectant Process [PDF]
IL Novel Molecular-Recognition-Based Sensors for Groundwater Quality Assessment [PDF]
IN Investigation of Three-Point Scheme for Identifying Local and Regional Groundwater Flow Characteristics as Applied to Wellhead Protection and Site Remediation [PDF]
KY Influence of Soil Structural Heterogeneity on Transport of Fecal Pathogens and Solutes within the Vadose Zone [PDF]
KY Spatial and Temporal Variability in Seepage Fluxes Between Contaminated Aquifers and Tributary Streams [PDF]
LA Use of Plant-Based Natual Surfactants and Mineral-Oxide Adsorbants in Soil Remediation [PDF]
LA Cotton-Leaf Analytical Test for the Mid-South U.S. To Prevent Over-application of Nitrogen Fertilizer [PDF]
LA Toxicity of Azadirachtin Insecticide to Selected Saltwater and Freshwater Species in the Southeastern United States [PDF]
MA Effectiveness of Remotely Sensed Lineaments and Outcrop-Scale Fractures in Identifying Bedrock Aquifers in New England (2 yr) [PDF]
MA The Continued Development and Application of Region Hydro-Climatological Models for the Northeast United States (2 yr) [PDF]
MD Interactions Between Estuarine Microbial Biofilms and Trace Levels of Cadmium and Their Combined Effects on Oyster Laval Set and Metamorphosis (1 yr) [PDF]
MD Chromium Oxidation and Reduction Chemistry in Soils (2 yr) [PDF]
MN Particulate Transport of Mercury Through Forested Watersheds [PDF]
MN Assessing the Effects of Land Use on Wetland Quality: Development of Biotic Indicators [PDF]
MO Filter-Adsorbers and Watershed Management for Herbicide Control in Drinking Water: Addressing Small Utilities with Impounded Water Supplies in Midwest Farmlands [PDF]
MO Influence of Soils on Hydraulic and Treatment Properties of Submerged Flow Wetlands [PDF]
MS Enhanced Biodegradation of Organic Wood-Preservative Contaminated Wastewater by Commercial Surfactants [PDF]
MT Evaluation of Processes Controlling Sediment Entrapment by Rangeland Riparian Vegetation [PDF]
NC Microbial Impacts of Animal Wastes on Water Resources [PDF]
NC Utilization of Best Management Practices for the Treatment of AnimalWaste, Sludge, and Herbicides [PDF]
NC Limiting Factors in the Bioremediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Aromatic Hydrocarbons [PDF]
NC Treatment Technologies for Control of Haloacetic Acids and Disinfection By-Product Precursors as Mandated by U.S. EPA's Disinfectants/Disinfection By-Products and Information Collection Rules [PDF]
ND Influences of Fathead Minnows on Nutrient and Water Quality in Praire Wetlands [PDF]
NE Advanced Assessment for Spot Spraying Plants to Reduce Chemical Input and Improve Water Quality [PDF]
NE Reducing Atrazine Contamination of Interstate Surface Water [PDF]
NE Field Verification of the Dipole Flow Test: A New Approach for the In-situ Determination of Transport Parameters [PDF]
NH An Assessment of Historical and Contemporary Atmospheric Deposition of Mercury to a New Hampshire Watershed and Lake (1 yr) [PDF]
NJ Pollution and Predator/Prey Interaction (3 yr) [PDF]
NM Institutional Adjustments for Coping with Prolonged and Severe Drought in the Rio Grande Basin [PDF]
NV Paleohydrological and Hydro-Climtological Analysis of the Magnitude and Frequency of Large Floods in the Verde River Basin, Central Arizona [PDF]
OH Sunlight Induced Degradation of Agricultural Pollutants in Wetlands [PDF]
SC Assessment of the Effect of Bioturbation on Advective Contaminant Exchange at the Sediment-Stream Interface [PDF]
TN Rapid Detection and Validation of Ecotoxicity in Watershed Drainages [PDF]
VA Sediment Flushing Capabilities of Unsteady River Flows and Effects on Spawning Gravel (2 yr) [PDF]
VT Characterizing Ground Water Flow in a Vermont Upland Basin (1 yr) [PDF]
WA Effectiveness of Irrigation District Conservation Pricing Programs [PDF]
WI Molecular Probes for Human Pathogens in Water and Soils [PDF]
WV Water-Soluble Emissions from Marine Engines (2 yr) [PDF]

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