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Study of Streamflow Response to Seasonal Snowcover Change in the Yukon River2008AK71B
The diminishing role of glacier runoff into Eklutna Lake; potential impacts of hydropower and water supply for the Municipality of Anchorage 2009AK75B
Impacts of Cold Regions Open Dumps on Microbial Water Quality 2009AK78B
Effect of raw water quality and membrane characteristics on membrane fouling and effluent quality for filtration of surface water with high organic matter content 2009AK79B
Evaluation of Stormwater Quality Improvement Through Pervious Concrete Pavement 2009AL76B
Assessment of Groundwater Flow Paths and Discharge to the Coastal Region of Baldwin County, Alabama to Understand Contaminant Transport Using a Cross-Sectional Groundwater Flow and Transport Model 2009AL77B
Understanding the Role of Denitrification as a Mechanism for Nitrogen (N) Removal Along a River Continuum in Central Alabama 2009AL78B
Denitrification, Internal N Cycling, and N Retention in River Impoundment Reservoirs 2009AR214B
Land-use effects on resistance and resilience of stream metabolism to flood events in Ozark Highland headwater streams 2009AR215B
Longitudinal evolution of nutrients in a mixed-use watershed under storm and non-storm flow regimes 2009AR217B
The Ecohydrology and Management of Pinus Ponderosa Forests in the Southwest 2009AZ297B
Transport and fate of mercury and other metals in Tucson's urban metropolitan area: Role of watershed sources versus atmospheric deposition 2009AZ312B
Mercury Source Fingerprinting in Arid Lands Aquatic Ecosystems 2009AZ313B
CA Assessing Orchard and Vinyard Irrigation Needs with Thermal Aerial Imagery 2009CA254B
CA Reducing Water Use in Naval orange Production with Partial Root Zone Drying - Comparison with Conventional Irrigation at the Same Reduced irrigation Rates 2009CA255B
CA Development and Application of the Coupled Vadose Zone-Ground Water Flow Modeling Environment 2009CA256B
CA UC Irrigation Water Management - Web-based Research and Information Center 2009CA257B
CO Hydrologic Analysis and Process-based Modeling for the Upper Cache la Poudre Basin, Year 2 2009CO182B
CO Development of Oilseed Crops for Biodiesel Production Under Colorado Limited Irrigation Conditions 2009CO186B
CO Understanding the Hydrologic Factors Affecting the Growth of the nuisance diatom Didymosphenia Geminata in Rivers 2009CO201B
CO Developing Barriers to the Upstream Migration of New Zealand mudsnail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) Phase III - Laboratory and Field Evaluations of Mudsnail Response to Copper-Based Materials Under Varied Water Quality Conditions 2009CO202B
CO High Resolution Soil Moisture Retrieval in the Platte River Watersheds 2009CO203B
CT Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Total Coliforms and E. coli Using SWNT Membrane 2008CT170B
CT Optimization of Acidogenic Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment with The Potential for Water Reclamation 2008CT177B
CT Evaluation of Turbidity Acidification During Sampling and Analytical Preparation as the Cause of Observed Manganese Anomalies in Drinking Water Wells 2009CT202B
CT Stream chemical interactions within the urban environment: assessing the fate of nitrogen and mercury in a stream impacted by combined sewer overflows 2009CT207B
DC Modeling Model Uncertainty for Storm Water Quantity and Quality Analysis 2009DC100B
DC Clam Active Biomonitoring and POM Passive Monitoring for Anacostia Watershed Contaminant Point Sources 2009DC101B
DCSpeciation of Some Trioganotin Compounds in Anacostia and Potomac River Sediments using 119SnNMR Spectroscopy 2009DC102B
DC Development of a Fast Optimization Technique Using Interactive Spatial Join for GIS Application in Water Resources 2009DC103B
DC Application of Spatiotemporal Informatics to Water Quality (Phase II) 2009DC105B
DC Development of Web-based Rainfall Statistical Analysis Tool for Urban Stormwater Management Analysis (Phase II) 2009DC106B
DE Hydrogeologic Characterization of the Potomac Aquifer, Delaware 2007DE97B
DE Modeling Hydrologic and Geochemical Effects of Land-Based Wastewater Disposal 2007DE100B
DE Evolution of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen (Don) from the Headwaters to the Catchment Outlet: Sources, Variation with Scale, and Differences with Dissolved Organic Carbon 2009DE151B
DE Development of an Assay to Monitor the Activity of Fungal Enzymes in Soil 2009DE153B
DE Endangered Species on the Delaware River: Ecological, Economic and Institutional Concerns 2009DE154B
DE Newly Constructed Wetland Management 2009DE155B
DE Direct Contact Membrane Distillation 2009DE157B
DE Investigation of Source and Dynamics of Bacterial Contamination in a Coastal Lagoon 2009DE159B
DE Physical characterization of infiltration facilities used for disposal of wastewater and stormwater 2009DE163B
DE Characterizing the chemistry of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in watershed runoff using innovative techniques 2009DE164B
DE A Comprehensive Management Plant to Reduce Nonpoint Pollution of the Cool Run Watershed on the University of Delaware Campus 2009DE166B
DEMicrobiome of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica2009DE167B
DE Hydrology of Freshwater Marsh Nature Preserve, New Castle County, Delaware 2009DE168B
FL In-Filling Missing Daily Rain Gauge Data Using NEXRAD Rainfall Data 2007FL202B
FL Expansion of Measurement of evapotranspiration, recharge, and runoff in a transitional water table environment 2006FL142B
FL Evaluation of the Geochemical and Microbial Processes Controlling Arsenic Mobilization during Artificial Recharge (AR) and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) 2006FL143B
FL Sensitivity Analysis of South Florida Regional Modeling 2008FL213B
FL Addition of Ecological Algorithms into the RSM Model 2008FL215B
GA Quantification of Vegetative Flow Resistance in Constructed Wetlands 2009GA197B
GA Identifying Locations of High Connectivity between Floridan Aquifer Water and Surface Waters at Lineament Intersections with Tributaries of the Lower Flint River 2009GA201B
GA Assessing the impacts of a major wildfire in the Okefenokee Swamp on mercury levels in resident macroinvertebrates and mosquitofish 2008GA175B
GU Protect Guam's Fresh Water: Taking Personal Responsibility for Pollution, Conservation and Community Action 2009GU151B
GUCalibration and Application of LUOM (Luo, 2007) in Southern Guam Watersheds With and Without Flow Data flow data2009GU153B
GU Reconstructing the Ancient Rainfall-Drought History of Guam 2009GU154B
GU Impacts of Land Cover Change on Groundwater Quality in Guam 2009GU156B
GU Sustainable Well Yield Determinations Using Conductivity Probes on Active Wells 2009GU159B
GU Development of Optimal Operation of Saipan's Water Distribution System Using a Newly Developed Hydraulic Model 2009GU160B
GU Influence of Stormwater and Wastewater Discharges on the Distribution and Abundance of Heavy Metals in Sediments from Saipan Lagoon 2009GU162B
GU Atoll Water Budget Modeling, Information Transfer and Training for the Federated States of Micronesia 2009GU163B
GU Prediction of Flow Duration Curves for Use in Hydropower Analysis at Ungaged Sites in Pohnpei, FSM 2009GU164B
HI A decision support tool for managing the pipe network of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply 2009HI242B
HI Experimental Study of Humidification-Dehumidification (HDH) Seawater Desalination Driven by Solar Energy 2008HI231B
HIAssessing the Influence of Land-Based Discharges (Streams, Storm Drain, Groundwater) on the Concentrations and Ratio of Four Human Pathogenic Marine Vibrio spp. in Four Categories of Coastal Water Environments of Hawaii.2009HI243B
HI Optimal Groundwater Extraction and Water Recycling 2009HI254B
IA Biomass Harvest and Nutrient Management Systems Impacts on Water Quality. 2008IA126B
IA Time-Series Modeling of Reservoir Effects on River Nitrate Concentrations 2009IA144B
ID Community Economic Impacts of Water Transfer in the Magic Valley 2009ID136B
ID Modeling Energy Implications of Water Management Decisions in the Upper Snake River Basin 2009ID138B
ID Development of a Hydrologic Frame Work and Estimation of the Water Balance in the Mountainous Watersheds of Idaho 2009ID139B
IL Nitrate Remeidation by Iron Redox Reactions in Soils 2009IL171B
ILAttachement and Transport Mechanisms of Cryptosporidium parvum Oocysts in Subsurface Environments: A Multi-Scale Study2009IL173B
IN Remote Sensing of Water Quality Indicators in the Wabash River 2009IN219B
IN Fish Responses to Sediment Associated with Increasing Biofuel-related Crop Production in the Wabash River Watershed 2009IN242B
IN Environmental Implications of Manufactured Nanomaterials: Silver, Gallium and Indium 2009IN243B
IN The Influence of Nonprescription Pharmaceuticals on Aquatic Ecosystems: Direct Toxicity and Indirect Trophic Interactions 2009IN244B
IN Hydrology, Substrates and Fish Assemblages of the Wabash River 2009IN248B
IN Publication 1: What Killed the Fish? Using Observations, Sampling, and Science to Solve the Mystery/Publication 2: A Field Guide for Determining the Cause of a Fish Kill 2009IN251B
KS Sediment Baseline Assessment 2009KS71B
KS An Analysis of Sedimentation Reduction Strategies for Tuttle Creek Lake 2008KS68B
KY Elemental flow through food webs in restored and reference stream reaches 2009KY124B
KY Effects of Roundup® exposure on behavior and reproductive function in a pond-breeding salamander 2009KY126B
KYTracing the fate of Nitrogen-15 in isotopcially-labeled E. coli and determining fecal indicator die-off rates in an Inner Bluegrass karst basin, central Kentucky2009KY128B
KY Study of turbulent processes driving sedimentation in the rivers of Kentucky 2009KY129B
KY Evaluating the impact of hemlock woolly adelgid invasion on headwater streams 2009KY130B
KY Impacts of Bush honeysuckle on ephemeral aquatic ecosystems 2009KY131B
KYTen year assessment of the Kentucky River Watershed Watch Program2009KY133B
LA Modeling Turbulent Enhancement of Sediment Transport 2009LA60B
LA Bayesian Model Averaging for Saltwater Intrusion Management under Model Uncertainty 2009LA61B
LA Fecal Coliform TMDL Development for Holly Beach 2009LA62B
MA Bacterial Toxicity of Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Adhesion 2009MA177B
MA Impact of Nanoparticles on the Activated Sludge Process: Effects on Microbial Community Structure and Function 2009MA178B
MA Assessing the Transport and Fate of Effluent Organic Nitrogen in the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound Using Mass-Mapping Proteomics Technology 2009MA186B
MACharacterization of Flow and Water Quality of Stormwater Runoff from a Green Roof 2009MA199B
MA Acid Rain Monitoring Project (ARM) 2009MA211B
MD Nearshore sediment inputs due to shore erosion in the Maryland Chesapeake Bay 2009MD192B
MD Low-cost Anaerobic Digesters for Dairy Manure Treatment and Renewable Energy Production 2009MD193B
MD Role of Invertebrate Bioturbation in Phosphorus Retention of Agricultural Ditch Soils--Summer Fellowship 2009MD199B
MD Correlating Nutrient, Pesticide, and Bacteria levels in the Choptank River--Summer Fellowship 2009MD200B
ME Regional Pilot to Reduce Stormwater Polluting Behaviors through Social Marketing as an Environmental Education Tool in the Bangor Urbanized Area 2009ME163B
ME Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy as a Rapid, Cost-Effective Method to Monitor and Analyze Low Levels of Pharmaceuticals in Three Maine Rivers. 2009ME171B
ME A sequential time-weighted average monitoring approach for monitoring pesticide levels in Maine surface waters. 2009ME172B
ME Sustainable water allocation and rulemaking for Maine's surface waters: Adaptation consideration in a changing climate 2009ME176B
ME Influences of dissolved organic carbon and iron on phosphorus photochemistry in surface waters 2009ME188B
ME Temporal changes of the phosphorus concentration profiles in two Maine lake sediment porewaters using a passive sampling technique. 2009ME190B
ME Conserving Significant Vernal Pools through Collaborative Local Initiatives 2009ME191B
ME Citizen Science: Solving Groundwater Issues in New England 2009ME192B
ME Impacts of White Perch Introductions on Trophic Dynamics: Paleolimnological Record of Zooplankton Grazing and Nutrient Cycling 2009ME193B
ME Using GC/FT-ICR MS for the Identification of Disinfection By-products 2009ME194B
MI Water Quantity and Water Quality Effects of BMPs Implementation in Urban Areas 2009MI134B
MI An Estimation of Self-supplied Residential Water Use in Michigan 2009MI136B
MI Community Capacity and Use of Groundwater Information: Social Networks, Coalitions, Abilities, and Stratification in Use of the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool 2009MI137B
MI Natural Resources Integrated Information System 2009MI139B
MN Reductive degradation of pesticides: Solid-state and solution-phase dynamics 2009MN246B
MN Fate and bioavailability of litter mercury in Minnesota streams and rivers 2009MN250B
MN Urban Stormwater Inputs of Perfluorochemicals 2009MN253B
MO Visible Light-activated Titanium Dioxide-based Photocatalysts: Synthesis and Potential Environmental Applications 2009MO099B
MO Developing Guidelines for Polyacrylamide Use for Erosion and Runoff Reduction 2009MO100B
MSAssessing the effectiveness of measures to reduce sediment loads in surface waters using 210Pb activity in lacustrine sediments2009MS84B
MS Influences of Land Surface / Land Use Characteristics on Precipitation Patterns over the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Plain 2009MS85B
MS Water quality and other ecosystem services performed in wetlands managed for waterfowl in Mississippi 2009MS86B
MS Molecular Identification of Bacterial Communities Associated with Biodegradation of Pentachlorophenol in Groundwater 2009MS87B
MT Tracking Human-Derived Nitrogen through Stream Food Webs in a Rapidly Developing Mountain Watershed 2009MT189B
MT Organic Wastewater Chemicals in Ground Water and Blacktail Creek, Summit Valley, Montana 2009MT190B
MT Quantification of Coal-Aquifer Baseflow in Montana Rivers Using Carbon Isotopes 2009MT191B
MT Student Fellowship: Variability in the Characteristics of Wildfire Ash: Implications for Post-Fire Runoff, Erosion, and Water Quality 2009MT192B
MT Student Fellowship: A More Efficient Micro-hydro that Utilizes a Tesla Turbine Technology 2009MT195B
MT Student Fellowship: Bayesian Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis for Complex Environmental Models, with Applications in Watershed Management 2009MT199B
MT Student Fellowship: Tree-ring based reconstruction of Bighorn River Flow During the Last Millennium 2009MT200B
NC Protecting Receiving Waters: Removal of Biochemically Active Compounds from Wastewater by Ozonation and Activated Carbon Adsorption Processes 2009NC120B
NC Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts for the Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC-8) Basins in North Carolina utilizing Multimodel Climate Forecasts 2009NC122B
NC Using PCR-based Methods to Assess Microbial Contamination from Swine CAFOs in Surface and Groundwaters 2009NC123B
ND Effects of Iron Bacteria on Subsurface Tile Drains: Influence on Nutrient Transport 2009ND177B
NDSource tracking of Cryptosporidium in rural watersheds2009ND183B
ND Polymer Modified Zero-valent Iron Nanoparticles for Arsenic Remediation: Longevity and Ionic 2009ND184B
ND Development of GAC-NZVI Adsorbent for Arsenic Removal 2009ND186B
ND Interactions Between Microorganisms and Metal Nanoparticles: A New Approach for Groundwater Remediation (Final Phase) 2009ND187B
ND Ion Imprinted Polymer for Removal and Monitoring of Arsenic (Phase II) 2009ND188B
ND Chemical Fingerprinting of Sediments and Water of the Souris River for Identification of Diffuse Pollution Sources II 2009ND189B
ND Fate of Biodegradable Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in Fargo Wastewater 2009ND191B
ND Regional Flood Frequency Analysis in the Missouri River Basin Based on L-moments and GLS Regression2009ND192B
NE A Solute Transport System for Systematically Evaluating Remedial Technologies for Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Groundwater 2009NE177B
NE Understanding Microbial Communities in Hyper Alkaline-Saline Sandhills Lakes as an Indicator of Global Warming 2009NE178B
NE Nitrate stimulated oxidative dissolution of U(IV) bearing minerals leading to U mobility in Nebraska groundwater 2009NE183B
NH Urbanization Impacts on NH Streamwater Thermal Loading 2008NH87B
NH Water Quality and the Landscape: Long-term monitoring of rapidly developing suburban watersheds 2003NH21B
NH Water Quality Change-Effects of Development in Selected Watersheds 2006NH60B
NH A pilot study of septic impacts on water quality using Boron concentrations and isotopes as a source tracer 2009NH117B
NJ Antibiotic pollution of aquatic habitats and impact on the development of environmental pools of resistance in natural microbial communities 2009NJ188B
NJ A modified photosynthesis process for water purification 2009NJ191B
NJ Development of a profile SOD measurement technique 2009NJ193B
NJ Innovative Research and Development for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Waste and Wastewater Management System Design 2009NJ194B
NJ Development of two in vivo fish assays to study the anti-estrogenic action of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and to evaluate endocrine activity in NJ wastewater effluents 2009NJ198B
NJ Application of molecular and metabolic biomarkers of anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation as evidence for natural attenuation in New Jersey groundwater samples 2009NJ199B
NM Geographic Information System for Water Resources Research Planning 2002NM1B
NM Land application of industrial effluent on a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem: Impact on soil physical and hydraulic properties 2009NM103B
NV Quagga Mussel Invasion in Lake Mead: Ecological Impact and Containment 2008NV137B
NV Estimation of Spatio-Temporal Statistics of Precipitation and Snow-Water Equivalent in the Truckee River Watershed 2008NV138B
NV Uncertainty and Sensitivity of Ground-Water Discharge Estimates for the Shrublands in the Great Basin Area 2008NV139B
NV Black Carbon in Sierra Nevada Snow: Impacts on Snowmelt and Water Supply 2009NV150B
NY Silica dynamics and nutrient retention modeling in the Hudson River Watershed 2009NY116B
NY Assessment of drug degradation in New York State waters 2009NY117B
NY Restoring access to American eel habitat in tributaries to the Hudson River Estuary: Identifying opportunities and implications for stream communities 2009NY118B
NY Performance of a Retrofit Stormwater Treatment System in an Institutional Setting, New Paltz, NY. 2009NY119B
NY Investigation of roadside ditches as contributors to in-stream bank erosion, suspended sediment loads, and degraded water quality across New York 2009NY120B
NY The fate of non point sources of nitrate in lawn maintenance 2009NY121B
OHMonitoring the Role of Biofilm Biopolymers Against Disinfectants in Water Distribution Systems2009OH89B
OH Evaluating Colloid Release from Natural and Model Porous Media 2009OH104B
OH Destruction of Cyanobacterial Toxins in Water with Germicidal UV-254 nm-based Homogeneous and Solar-based Heterogeneous Advanced Oxidation Processes 2009OH119B
OH Exploring Spatial and Temporal Demand Aggregation on Transport Characteristics in Distribution System Modeling 2009OH135B
OK Alternative Water Conservation Policy Tools for Oklahoma Water Systems 2009OK114B
OK Stream Depletion by Ground Water Pumping: A Stream Depletion Factor for the State of Oklahoma 2009OK119B
OK Quantification of water fluxes and irrigation use through remote sensing 2009OK125B
OR Detecting Heavy Metal Contamination in the Umatilla River of Eastern Oregon 2009OR110B
OR Vegetation and Soil Processes in Restored Wetlands 2009OR112B
OR Synthesis of Traceable Nanoparticles for Studying the Fate and Transport of Engineered Nanomaterials in Aquatic Systems 2009OR113B
OR Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD): Developing an Integrated Water Resource Strategy 2009OR114B
OR Colloidal transport in variably saturated porous media: A detailed evaluation of colloid mobilization mechanisms 2009OR115B
OR Dams and Development: Ecological, Socioeconomic, and Policy Dimensions 2009OR116B
OR A Local Assessment of "Abandoned Wells" in Linn and Benton Counties 2009OR117B
PA An Emerging Technology for Emerging Contaminants: Biocatalysis of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Wastewater for Beneficial Reuse 2009PA93B
PA Characterization, Treatment, and Reuse of Frac Water related to Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing of Marcellus Shale and Natural Gas Exploration in Pennsylvania 2009PA95B
PA Stream Storm Flow Dynamics Below Combined Sewer Systems: Human and Runoff Inputs 2009PA98B
PA Developing Numeric Criteria to Guide Nutrient Controls for Streams in Pennsylvania2009PA103B
PROpen Pit Quarry Restoration to Bio-Viable Lands 2008PR45B
RI Nanosilver-clay composite material as a reactive permeable barrier to control microbiological and chemical contamination in groundwater 2009RI80B
RI Rhode Island Clean Drinking Water 2009RI81B
RI Sequential Inactivation of Microorganisms in Drinking Water using Ultraviolet Radiation and Residual Chlorine 2009RI82B
SC Sediment Pollution Potential Assessment of Abandoned Developments Using Remote Sensing and GIS 2009SC66B
SC Developing a theoretical framework for water quality trading in the Saluda-Reedy watershed, South Carolina 2009SC67B
SD Development of a Decision Support System for Water Resources Management of Shallow Glacial Alluvial Aquifers: A Laboratory Proof of Concept Study (Year 2) 2008SD131B
SD Simulating the Soil Erosion from Land Removed from CRP 2008SD135B
SD Determining Soil Moisture and Temperature Condition Effects on Potential Run-Off for Cold Season Manure Application 2008SD136B
SD Acidic Leaching Tests to Determine Arsenic Mobility from Concrete-Encapsulated Limestone Waste 2009SD137B
TN Effect of Wastewater Strength on Soil Physical Properties when using Subsurface Drip Irrigation 2008TN52B
TN Drought Variability in Reconstructed Streamflow 2009TN61B
TX Occurrence of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) at an effluent-dominated wastewater application site: Estrogens, Triclosan, and Caffeine 2009TX319B
TXRole of Free-ranging Wildlife in the Deposition of Escherichia coli into a Texas River Floodplain2009TX321B
TX Sources and Risks of Waterborne Pathogens in the El Paso del Norte Region 2009TX322B
TX Economic analysis of proposed seawater desalination facility in Brownsville, TX 2009TX323B
TX Lake Houston Watershed Water Quality Prediction System 2009TX324B
TX Biotransformation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) at an effluent land application site 2009TX325B
TX Influence of Land Use and Terrain on Surface Hydrology in Shrink-Swell Soils. 2009TX327B
TX Regulated Deficit Irrigation Application and Cotton Production in SW Texas 2009TX328B
TX In Situ Groundwater Arsenic Removal using Iron Oxide Coated Sand 2009TX329B
TX Ecohydrology of Forested Wetlands on the Texas Gulf Coast 2009TX330B
UT Drought Planning Including Carryover Surface Water Storage for a Utah Water Service Provider 2009UT125B
UT Increasing Data Accuracy, Reliability, Accessibility, and Understandability to Improve Basin-Wide Water Resources Decision Making 2009UT130B
VI Point-of-Entry (POE) Cistern Water Purification Units (CPU) Development 2009VI148B
VI Alternative Water Treatment Technologies for An Aquaponic System. 2009VI150B
VI Investigation of Sediment Export from St Thomas Watersheds 2009VI152B
VT Treatment Solutions to Reduce Nutrient and Bacterial Inputs to Lake Champlain at Shelburne Farms 2008VT32B
VT Improvement of Phosphorus Load Estimates through the use of Enzyme-Hydrolysis Measures of Phosphorus Bioavailability 2008VT36B
VT Quantifying Sediment Loading due to Stream Bank Erosion in Impaired and Attainment Watersheds in Chittenden County, VT Using Advanced GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies 2009VT44B
VT Estimating Soil Phosphorus Concentrations along Erodible Stream Corridors in Chittenden County, Vermont 2009VT45B
WA Adaptive Management of Mountain Forests to Prevent Mass Wasting under Climate Change 2009WA255B
WA Understanding Controls on Cyanobacteria Blooms: Vancouver Lake as a Model System 2009WA264B
WA Influence of Large Wood Addition on Nitrogen Transformations at the Surface water/groundwater interface 2009WA265B
WI From Sandbags to Sanity: Lessons from the Midwest Floods of 2008 2009WI215B
WI Combination of Co-Precipitation with Zeolite Filtration to Remove Arsenic from Contaminated Water 2009WI216B
WI The Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Elevated Groundwater Nitrate Concentrations on Infaunal Invertebrates in the Central Sand Plains 2009WI217B
WV (WRI-117) Controlling Phosphate in Agricultural Field Leachate Using Mine Drainage Treatment Ferrihydrite 2009WV122B
WV (WRI-119) Development and Presentation of Current Water Quality Data for the Public 2009WV127B
WY Integrated Management of Groundwater and Surface Water Resources: Investigation of Different Management Strategies and Testing in a Modeling Framework 2007WY38B
WY Detecting the Signature of Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding in Orographic Snowstroms in Wyoming Using the Wyoming Cloud Radar 2007WY39B
WY Weather Modification Impacts and Forecasting of Streamflow 2007WY40B
WY A New Method for Tracing Seepage from CBNG Water Holding Ponds in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming 2008WY43B
WY Water Quality Criteria for Wyoming Livestock and Wildlife 2008WY44B
WY Detecting the Signature of Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding in Orographic Snowstorms in Wyoming II: Further Airborne Cloud Radar and Lidar Measurements 2009WY46B
WY Effects of Warm CBM Product Water Discharge on Winter Fluvial and Ice Processes in the Powder River Basin 2009WY47B
WY Characterization of Algal Blooms Affecting Wyoming Irrigation Infrastructure: Microbiological Groundwork for Effective Management 2009WY48B

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