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Project ID: 2009HI243B
Title: Assessing the Influence of Land-Based Discharges (Streams, Storm Drain, Groundwater) on the Concentrations and Ratio of Four Human Pathogenic Marine Vibrio spp. in Four Categories of Coastal Water Environments of Hawaii.
Project Type: Research
Start Date: 3/01/2009
End Date: 2/28/2010
Congressional District:
Focus Categories: Water Quality, Ecology, Recreation
Keywords: Vibrio, point source pollution, non-point source pollution
Principal Investigators: Fujioka, Roger (University of Hawaii); Fujioka, Roger (University of Hawaii)
Federal Funds: $ 19,856
Non-Federal Matching Funds: $ 39,499
Abstract: Vibrios are indigenous marine bacteria capable of causing disease in both marine animals and humans. The four main human pathogens, V. vulnificus, V. cholerae, V. parahaemolyticus and V. alginolyticus, can cause mild to severe gastroenteritis, septicemia and wound infections. Several infections from V. vulnificus and V. cholerae have occurred in Hawaii as well as two recent deaths due to V. vulnificus. The goal of this study is to determine the influence of land based discharges (streams, storm drains, groundwater) on the concentrations and ratio of four human pathogenic Vibrio spp. (V. vulnificus, V. cholerae , V. alginolyticus) in four categories of coastal water environments that are used for contact recreational purposes. Selective media will be used to determine concentrations, and biochemical assays and molecular methods will be used to confirm the identities of Vibrio isolates. Various water quality parameters (salinity, pH, conductivity, turbidity) as well as a nutrient marker will be used as indicators of coastal water contamination by land-based discharges. Data obtained from this study may possibly be used as a predictor of risk of Vibrio infection to people who use these coastal waters for recreation or as a source of seafood.V. parahaemolyticus.

Progress/Completion Report, 2009, PDF
Progress/Completion Report, 2010, PDF

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