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Project ID:2006PR29B

Title: Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics In Two Reservoirs Of Contrasting Trophic Status In Puerto Rico

Project Type: Research

Start Date: 03/01/2006

End Date: 08/30/008

Congressional District: N/A

Focus Categories: Surface Water, Water Quality, Non Point Pollution

Keywords: Water Chemistry, Water Quality Monitoring, Nutrients

Principal Investigators: Sotomayor, David R.; Gustavo, Martinez; Perez-Alegria, Luis R.; Santos, Carlos

Federal Funds: $20,000

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $41,072

Abstract: The Puerto Rico 2002 Water Quality Inventory and List of Impaired Waters Report stated that all (18) reservoirs in Puerto Rico were impaired for aquatic life use, with the cause being low dissolved oxygen (DO) (PREQB, 2002). The eutrophic conditions due to inputs of sediments and nutrients to the reservoirs were identified as the primary reason for the lakes not meeting the water quality standard for DO. Changes in the trophic status of reservoirs may affect their DO concentrations and dynamics. Adequate assessment of the ecological conditions influencing DO concentratins in tropical reservoirs must include evaluation of temporal and spatial changes (including depth) in DO concentrations as well as associated nutrient concentration and ancillary parameters. A proper understanding of the DO dynamics in reservoirs cannot be drawn from historical water quality data gathered in reservoirs by public agencies in Puerto Rico, for example USGS monitoring network or PREQB. This study aims to characterize the DO dynamics in two reservoirs to calculate the areal O2 deficit (as an index of lake productivity). The data and indices generated will serve as baseline data for modeling purposes and for the eventual establishment of DO numeric criteria in Puerto Rico.

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