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Project ID: 2006KY64B

Title: Evaluating Denitrifier Stratification in Fragipan Soils

Project Type: Research

Start Date: 03/01/2006

End Date: 02/28/2007

Congressional District: KY 6th

Focus Categories: Nitrate Contamination, Agriculture, Non Point Pollution

Keywords: nitrate leaching, perched water, soil management

Principal Investigator: Coyne, Mark

Federal Funds: $4,350

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $8,711

Abstract: This project will study denitrifier stratification above fragipans and determine the effect of surface soil management on the potential for nitrate removal in perched water by denitrifiers. It is an evaluation of microbial population ecology as influenced by soil management. The study is unique because it addresses denitrification in subsurface environments near enough to the soil surface to be influenced by management. The work will provide background cultural and physiological data on the denitrifier populations that can later be used to interpret the results of molecular ecology studies of the denitrifiers at these sites. More immediately, it can provide guidance for site specific management of fragipan soils that may have the propensity to receive leached nitrate during cropping and non cropping seasons.

Progress/Completion Report, PDF

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