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Project ID: 2006GA106B

Title: Restoration of flood pulses to the lower Savannah River: responses of floodplain invertebrates and fish

Project Type: Research

Start Date: 07/01/2006

End Date: 06/30/2007

Congressional District: 11

Focus Categories: Wetlands, Ecology, Hydrology


Principal Investigator: Batzer, Darold Paul (University of Georgia)

Federal Funds: $18,000

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $36,055

Abstract: The US Army Corps of Engineers is presently engaged in a comprehensive planning process for the Savannah river basin which seeks to identify a broad spectrum of objectives for future management of their facilities, and a better re-balancing of benefits among various interest groups. For instance, the Corps recognizes that their operation of dams on the Savannah for the last 50 years has caused notable degradation of ecosystem integrity. As part of the river basin planning process, the Corps and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) jointly facilitated a scientific process to develop an initial set of environmental flow recommendations. Subsequently, the Corps has agreed to pilot test some new operational scenarios that might help to restore the Savannah?s river-floodplain-estuarine ecosystem. A key element of this pilot testing involves experimentally providing pulse flows of greater magnitude than those experienced during the last 50 years of dam regulation and flood management. TNC has provided seed monies to begin assessing responses of floodplain biota to pulse restoration. This proposal seeks funds to supplement invertebrate aspects of that research and expand it to assess interactions between invertebrates and fish. Costs for this proposal will be shared equally by TNC, NIWR, and the University of Georgia.

Progress/Completion Report, PDF

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