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Project ID: 2006FL145B

Title: Measurement of erosion around hydraulic structures

Project Type: Research

Start Date: 03/01/2006

End Date: 02/28/2007

Congressional District: 6

Focus Categories: Sediments, Models, None

Keywords: sediment transport, erosion, numerical modeling, multi-phase flow

Principal Investigator: Hsu, Tian-Jian (University of Florida)

Federal Funds: $5,000

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $12,250

Abstract: Reliable prediction of the sediment transport processes in the fluvial, inlet and coastal area is of great importance to our nation?s economics and security. In the past decades, there have been significant advances in understanding sediment transport at various scales due to greatly improved measurement technique, computer technology and numerical algorithm. It is also necessary to integrate these most updated science and technology into a more specific strategy aiming at solving practical sediment transport issues relevant to District?s water resource and eventually provide useful operational tools for water resource management. We propose to conduct a comprehensive literature survey on the state-of-art sediment transport science, measurement techniques and computation fluid dynamics (CFD) so that an integrated study including field experiment, numerical model development for understanding sediment erosion around hydraulic structure can be put forward. The state-of-the-art numerical model for sediment transport will be adopted to simulate erosion around hydraulic structure. The literature survey will specifically focus on establishing existing experimental database for model validation. New 3D multi-phase simulation for scouring around structure will be tested with advanced CFD software. Finally, new field experiment will be planned in conjunction with existing data set, numerical models and new measurement technology.

Progress/Completion Report, PDF

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