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Project ID:2003NH21B

Title: Water Quality and the Landscape: Long-term monitoring of rapidly developing suburban watersheds

Project Type: Research

Start Date: 03/01/2006

End Date: 02/28/2007

Congressional District: NH01

Focus Categories: Non Point Pollution, Surface Water, Nutrients


Principal Investigator: William H. McDowell

Federal Funds: $100

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $ 11,087

Abstract: The proposed work will continue documentation of long-term changes to water quality in response to changing land use and management practices as a result of population growth. There are several components to this project, drawing from the efforts of local watershed monitoring groups, the UNH Office of Sustainability, as well as on-going research projects by UNH staff and students, all leading to long-term datasets of water quality in New Hampshire. These datasets can be used to assess the impacts of human development, land use changes and management practices in rapidly growing areas of the state and New England. Further, these data could be used to test and refine water quality models and aid in the development of best management practices and restoration efforts across the state and region.

Progress/Completion Report, 2003, PDF
Progress/Completion Report, 2004, PDF
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Progress/Completion Report, 2007, PDF
Progress/Completion Report, 2008, PDF
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