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2004 National Competitive Grants

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Abstracts are also available in Adobe® (.PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe® Acrobat® you can download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® here. Also see Adobe® accessibility information, Information for users with disabilities, if applicable.
AZ Forward and Inverse Transient Analytic Element Models of Groundwater Flow PDF
AZ Pharmaceutically Active Compounds: Fate in Sludges and Biosolids Derived from Wastewater Treatment PDF
CA Institutional Re-arrangements: forging “smart use” water policy coalitions at the intersection of geo-technical engineering with urban open space PDF
FL Space-based monitoring of wetland surface flow PDF
IL Estimating shallow recharge and discharge in northeastern Illinois using GIS and pattern recognition procedure PDF
IL Carbonaceous Material Fractions in Sediments and Their Effect on the Sorption and Persistence of Organic Pollutants in Small Urban Watersheds PDF
IL Development of Water Use Benchmarks for Thermoelectric Power Generation in the United States PDF
WI Groundwater sustainability in a humid climate: Groundwater pumping, groundwater consumption, and land use change. PDF

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