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Project ID: 2004IN164B

Title: Septic System Permit Database

Project Type: Research

Focus Categories: Management and Planning, Treatment

Keywords: septic systems failure, septic system operation and maintenance, septic system permit, septic system performance, septic system performance assessment

Start Date: 08/01/2003

End Date: 02/28/2004

Federal Funds: $20,000

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $10,400

Congressional District: 4th

Principal Investigator:
Brad Lee


Within the state of Indiana numerous counties are moving toward a countywide geographic information system (GIS) to assist with planning, however septic system locations are currently not being integrated into the GIS or planning process. Previous research has shown that the spatial distribution of septic system failures can be a benefit to plan commissions when selecting areas for new development. We propose to develop a septic system permit database that will utilize a GIS, global positioning systems (GPS), and field computers to improve the accuracy and efficiency of current septic system permit databases. The resulting septic system permit datalayer can be integrated into a larger multilayer spatial database for planning purposes by local decision makers. The Hendricks County Health Department will beta test the system with a sample population and provide feedback so that improvements can be integrated into the final product. The resulting database will be available for use by other county health departments throughout the state.

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