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Project ID: 2004DE39B

Title: Assisting Small and Underserved Farmers in Meeting Water Quality Objective

Project Type: Research

Focus Categories: Water Quality, Non Point Pollution, Law, Institutions, and Policy

Keywords: small farmers, water quality, best management practices

Start Date: 06/01/2004

End Date: 02/28/2005

Federal Funds: $3,500

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $7,000

Congressional District: At-large

Principal Investigators:
Dennis McIntosh

Cameron Laird


From years past,there has slowly been a decline in the number of small farms. As a result, these smaller farms become more isolated and consequently, less unaware of their eligibility for government assistance. Another problem facing these farms is a lack of understanding available information on protecting their water resources. Due to limited education and a use of inadequate operational practices these underserved farms may not be well protected from various contaminants that could adversely affect their health and the quality of their farmland.

The objective of this project is to assist underserved farmers that may have existing water quality problems. By identifying the location and the demographics of the farms, resources can be located that may provide help protecting water quality within their communities. This project will also build upon existing USDA “Small Farms” programs providing information in community workshops and sharing strategies to meet state/federal water quality compliance requirements.

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