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Project ID: 2002ND16B

Title: Variables Influencing Habitat Use by Diving Waterbirds Foraging in the Prairie Pothole Region

Project Type: Research

Focus Categories: Wetlands, Ecology, Water Quality

Keywords: Aquatic habitat, Prairie potholes, Sedimentation

Start Date: 09/01/2002

End Date: 12/31/2003

Federal Funds: $5,656

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $11,505

Congressional District: 1

Principal Investigator:
Malcolm George Butler
North Dakota State University


The purpose of this study is to uncover patterns of habitat use by diving waterbirds foraging within potholes in relationship to water depth, submergent vegetation, benthic invertebrate biomass and size, and benthic compactness and particle size. The study will focus on habitat use on the scale of the individual pothole and will seek to explain observed patterns in habitat use by comparing habitat variables to morphological features of diving waterfowl species. Habitat use information can lead to a better understanding of the habitat needs of diving ducks and how to best manage aquatic habitats for these species.

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