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Project ID: 2002GU10B

Title: Regional Dissemination of a Locally-developed Integrated Island Ecology & Resource Management Textbook, Website, & Teacher's Manual/Activity Guide

Project Type: Education

Focus Categories: Education, Ecology, Conservation

Keywords: Island, Ecology, Resource Management, Textbook, Website, Activities, Teacher's Guide

Start Date: 03/01/2002

End Date: 02/28/2003

Federal Funds: $29,700

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $0

Congressional District:

Principal Investigators:
John Furey
Northern Marianas College

Craig Smith
Northern Marianas College

Danny Wyatt
Northern Marianas College

Gerald Smith
Northern Marianas College

Vince Riley
Northern Marianas College


Problem: Throughout the Pacific island region, human populations suffer from the combination of distressed social and financial economies, growing populations, and limited and fragile island resources. A locally-applicable program of integrated environmental education is critical to address these issues and the need has been widely expressed throughout the region in recent years. This project proposes to directly address this need. "Experts" in field of environmental science and in the field of education are often recruited from non-island areas and lack needed foundational information of island ecology and island resource management regimes to adequately address island needs. Regionally-applied two year professional contract programs--originally meant to automatically lapse and therefore provide professional opportunities to islanders who complete their collegiate studies and professional training--effectively cause an exporting of expertise, leaving little environmental and educational knowledge behind. Oftentimes, any reports that are left behind are written in such scientific "ese" as to be uninterpretable by many local program directors. The Northern Mariana Islands made a concerted effort to address this problem since 1996 and developed a highly readable, regionally-appropriate, 800 page Island Ecology & Resource Management: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands textbook. The book was designed to be applicable throughout the region and permission to "cut & paste" from it is part of the book's purposes. Objective: This proposal seeks to, in part, address the above-identified problems through a concerted effort to regionally disseminate this comprehensive island ecology/resource management textbook/curriculum throughout the Western Pacific to encourage fellow island education and resource management entities to model it to address their own needs and to save years of start up and drafting and editing time.Methods:1. The Activity Guide/Teachers Manual for the Island Ecology & Resource Management: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands textbook will be revised and printed.2. A website will be established.3. Travel to ten islands will be undertaken by the PI to share the work and encourage regional adoption, revision, and transformation of the information into language and frameworks applicable to each island's needs.4. A $600.00 honorarium "start-up" contribution towards such a local effort for each of the ten islands will be provided to help overcome supply and material needs of each jurisdiction.

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