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Project ID: 2002FL6B

Title: Information Transfer

Project Type: Information Transfer

Focus Categories: Education

Keywords: None

Start Date: 03/01/2002

End Date: 02/08/2003

Federal Funds: $2,230

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $24,663

Congressional District: 5

Principal Investigator:
Louis H. Motz
University of Florida


The Florida WRRC will actively promote the transfer of the results of water resources research in Florida. The target audience will be the scientific and technical community who are addressing Florida's water problems on a professional basis. Specific activities that are proposed as part of this task include maintaining an updated mailing list with e-mail addresses and a Web-based home page. The e-mail list and home page will be used to provide timely information about research proposal deadlines and other water-related activities. The home page will describe ongoing research at the WRRC and list research reports and publications that are available. Also, the home page will be used to list research opportunities available through the WRRC and elsewhere and to provide links to other water resource organizations and agencies, including the five water management districts in Florida and the USGS. The WRRC will continue to maintain a library of technical reports that have been published by the WRRC. Researchers will be able to check out copies of these reports, which also will be distributed upon request at prices set to recover the cost of reproduction and mailing. As newer reports become available, electronic versions of these reports will be made available for distribution by down-loading from the WRRC home page. Financial support will be provided for publishing research results in refereed scientific and technical journals and conference proceedings. Also, support will be provided for printing theses and dissertations that are of interest to a target audience.

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