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Project ID: 2002AZ7B

Title: Information Transfer

Project Type: Information Transfer

Focus Categories: Education, Management and Planning, Water Supply

Keywords: WS, M&P, EDU

Start Date: 03/01/2002

End Date: 02/28/2003

Federal Funds: $26,782

Non-Federal Matching Funds: $53,702

Congressional District: 5

Principal Investigator:
Peter J. Wierenga
University of Arizona


Funding will primarily support two separate projects at the WRRC. One project is the revision of the Center's Desert Landscaping compact disk. Desert Landscaping: Plants for a Water-Scarce Environment is a truly useful CD-ROM plant selector covering over 600 low water-use plants. Users can search by plant name, browse award-winning landscapes, compare groups of similar plants, or use the plant selector to precisely describe the plants you seek. The rich multimedia database includes plant size and growth rate, soil and sun requirements, irrigation needs, place of origin, allergens, wildlife interactions, and dozens of other useful factors. Additional information is provided through links to landscaping tips and a bibliography. The original CD-ROM was produced in 1996 and was very popular throughout Arizona. The revised version will operate more quickly and efficiently, have more and newer photos, and provide vastly more information on desert landscaping plants.

The second major project for 2002 is the annual statewide water conference sponsored by the WRRC. The first water conference, in the year 2000, examined issues related to the 20th anniversary of the state's Groundwater Management Act. The 2001 conference focused on the results of the Governor's Water Management Commission, intended to fundamentally change aspects of Arizona's water law. The 2002 conference has been discussed by our external advisory board, but the exact topic has not yet been decided upon. As in previous years, it will deal with another important issue related to water resources in the state of Arizona.

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