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2002 State Program Projects

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AK Investigation of Immiscible Fluid Movement Through Frozen Porous Media PDF
AK Hydrological and Geomorphological Controls on Sediment Transport Processes in the Alaskan Arctic PDF
AK Molecular characterization of organic matter in soil leachates from the Caribou Poker Creeks Watershed PDF
AK Investigation of Fouling in Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment PDF
AK Luminescent Bacteria: A New Water Quality Issue? PDF
AL Watershed Protection Through Building Material Substitution and Controlled Use PDF
AL Treatment of Heavy Metal-Contaminated Runoff Using Straw Coated with Sulfide PDF
AL Use of Sonication/Acoustic Cavitation with Advanced Oxidants to Treat Petroleum Hydrocarbons Contaminated Surface Waters and Groundwaters PDF
AR Phosphorus Concentrations and Sediment Phosphorus Flux in Streams and Reservoirs: Effect of Chemical Amendments PDF
AR Chemical Variation of Water From The Alluvial Aquifer PDF
AR Processes And Controls Affecting Water/Rock Interaction in Abandoned Underground Coal Mines, Including Feasibility and Risk Assessment of Using Mine Water for Public Drinking Water Sources PDF
AZ The Impacts of Ungulates on Vegetation Associated With Water Catchments PDF
AZ Microbial Mediated Mobilization of Arsenic from Drinking Water Treatment Residuals in Landfills PDF
AZ The effect of mycorrhizae on competitive ability and drought tolerance of cottonwood (Populus fremontii) and saltcedar (Tamarix ramosissima) PDF
AZ Regional Aquifers Characterization Through Spring Discharge Analysis PDF
AZ Evaluating the Irrigation Efficiencies and Turf/Landscape Maintenance Practices on the Campus of Northern Arizona University PDF
AZ Information Transfer PDF
CA Fate of viruses, endocrine disrupters, and nitrogen in non-conventional onsite wastewater treatment processes: a technical and economic analysis PDF
CA The effect of Soil Water Content on Organic Chemical Sorption During Transport Through Unsaturated Soil PDF
CA Perchlorate Removal in Groundwater Using Immobilized Cell-Free, Purified and Recombinant Perchlorate Reductases from the Perchlorate Respiring Bacterium, Perclace PDF
CA Voluntary Compliance Versus Mandatory Sanctions: A Natural Experiment in Water Quality Regulation PDF
CO Managed Ground Water Recharge for Habitat Restoration: The Development of a Biological Component to the South Platte Mapping and Analysis Program (SPMAP) PDF
CO Enhancements to the South Platte Mapping and Analysis Program (SPMAP) PDF
CO Quantifying the Effectiveness of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Controlling Non-Point Source Pollution From Forestland Uses PDF
CO Determining the Fate of Non-source Pollution from Septic Tanks in Turkey Creek Basin, Colorado, and Delineating Improved Management Practices PDF
CO Evaluating Strategies to Mitigate Waterlogging and Salinization in Colorado's Lower Arkansas River Valley PDF
CO Technology Transfer/Information Dissemination PDF
CT Water Quality Assessment in Connecticut: Evaluation of Current Protocols and Development of Improved Methods PDF
CT Development of Regionally Calibrated Land Cover Impervious Surface Coefficients PDF
CT Water Resources Technology Transfer Initiative PDF
DC Best Management Practices in Washington, D.C. PDF
DC Properties and Applications of the Box-Cox Distribution PDF
DC Bimonitoring Anacostia Watershed Pollutants PDF
DC Teacher Education: Technology of Water Environmental Education PDF
DC Speciation of Tributyltin and Triphenyltin Compounds in Clays from Sediments Using Mossbauer spectroscopy PDF
DE Graduate Fellowship in Water Quality: Baseflow and Storm Discharges of Nutrients to Delaware's Inland Bays PDF
DE Graduate Fellowship in Water Quality: Environmental Policies for a Sustainable Poultry Industry in Sussex County, Delaware PDF
DE Graduate Fellowship in Water Quality: Mechanisms of Phosphorus Stabilization in the Soil Environment: A Molecular Scale Evaluation PDF
FL Biological Transformation of 2-Methylisoborneol (MIB) for Improved Water Quality PDF
FL Application of a Multi-Scale, Multi-Process Hydrologic Model to the C-111 Basin in South Florida PDF
FL The Flux of Ammonia at the Air/Water Interface of Tampa Bay PDF
FL Information Transfer PDF
GA Toxic Metalloid (As, Se, Sb) Enrichment from Coal-Fired Power Plants in the Chattahoochee-Apalachicola (ACF) & Etowah-Coosa (ACT) Rivers PDF
GA Reservoir Shoreline Erosion and Sedimentation Analysis PDF
GA Investigation of Chlorination and Ozonation of Antibiotics Detected in Georgia Waters PDF
GA Developing a Regional Water Management and Planning Initiative Model: Using Regional Leadership Summits to Address Water Resource Challenges in the Flint River Watershed, GA PDF
GU Groundwater Infiltration and Recharge in the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer during the record- breaking 1997-1998 ENSO event PDF
GU A rainfall climatology for Saipan: distribution, return periods, and inter-annual variations. PDF
GU Impact of Ordot Dump on Water Quality of Lonfit River Basin in Central Guam PDF
GU Inventory of Karst Features Relating to Past and Present Groundwater Flow on Tinian, CNMI, in Terms of the Carbonate Island Karst Model PDF
GU Slow Sand Filter Conceptual Design Package forThe Federated States of Micronesia PDF
GU Water Quality Analysis and Water System Operation and Maintenance Training for Chuuk State FSM PDF
GU Regional Dissemination of a Locally-developed Integrated Island Ecology & Resource Management Textbook, Website, & Teacher's Manual/Activity Guide PDF
GU An Alternative Model for Enhancing Access to Safe Drinking Water in Less-Wealthy Areas: A Low Cost, Equity-Oriented & Participatory Source Water Protection Plan for Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia PDF
GU Information Management PDF
GU Information Transfer PDF
HI Removal of nitrogenous aquaculture wastes by a wind-powered reverse osmosis system, Year 2 PDF
HI A win-win approach to water pricing and watershed conservation PDF
HI An Accurate Evaluation of Water Balance to Predict Surface Runoff and Percolation PDF
HI Technology Transfer PDF
IA Modeling, GIS, and Technology Transfer in Support of TMDL Development and Implementation in Iowa PDF
IA Predicting sorption, mobility, accumulation, and degradation potential of antibiotics in Iowa's soil/water environment PDF
IA Effects of grazing management on sediment and phosphorus losses from pastures PDF
IA Evaluating the effectiveness of restored wetlands for reducing nutrient losses for agricultural watersheds PDF
IA Fate and transfer of antibiotic-resistance genes excreted by farm animals PDF
ID Metal(loid) Release from Contaminated Sediments in Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho PDF
ID Factors Controlling the Availability of Phosphorus for Transport into Surface Waters from Manure Amended Soils in Southern Idaho PDF
ID Physically Based Models for Hydraulic Properties of Swelling Soils PDF
ID Community Directed Water Protection Strategy: Focus Communities in Northcentral Idaho, including the Nezperce Indian Tribe PDF
IL Multi-Objective Decision Support Tools for Protection of Streams in Urbanizing Watersheds PDF
IL Integrated Engineering and Geomorphological Analysis for Assessing the Performance of Bendway Weirs in Illinois Streams PDF
IN Water Quality Management and Improvement in the Urban Setting PDF
KS High Plains Aquifer Information Network PDF
KS Groundwater Recharge in the High Plains Aquifer and Associated Aguifers of Kansas PDF
KS Development of a Framework for a Coupled Hydrologic-Economic Modeling Tool PDF
KS Water and the Future of Kansas Annual Conference - March 5, 2002 PDF
KY Evaluating site remediation success using a sensitive biochemical indicator in fish PDF
KY Environmentally-induced genes and mechanisms of inheritance: How are the effects of contaminant exposure transferred from one generation to the next? PDF
KY Occurrence and distribution of mercury in Mammoth Cave National Park PDF
KY Impacts of surface mine valley fills on downstream peak flows in eastern Kentucky PDF
KY Linking land use to water quality in the Muddy Creek subbasin, Kentucky River Watershed PDF
LA Flooding in a New Orleans Watershed Caused by Hurricanes That Do Not Overtop the Levee System PDF
LA Response to Hurricane Induced Flooding in New Orleans PDF
LA Flood Risk Mapping of the New Orleans Area PDF
LA Groundwater Contaminant Transport Following Flooding Events: Impacts of Model Size, Resolution, and Complexity PDF
MA Monitoring Disinfection Byproducts in Drinking Water: Strategies for Small Utilities PDF
MA The Massachusetts Water Watch Partnership PDF
MD Investigation of isotopic methods for identifying atmospheric deposition of nitrate to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed PDF
MD Advancement of Electron Beam Methodologies for Remediation of PCB Contaminants in Chesapeake Bay Sediments PDF
MD Atmospheric Deposition of Currently Used Pesticides to Chesapeake Bay Watersheds. PDF
MD Sustainable Oil and Grease Removal from Stormwater Runoff Hotspots using Bioretention PDF
MD Summer Research Assistantship PDF
ME MtBE in Groundwater: The Maine Experiment PDF
ME Evaluating Changes in Water Chemistry as Risk Factors For Atlantic Salmon in Downeast Maine PDF
MI Natural Resources Integrated Information System PDF
MI Water quality trends of Michigan inland lakes and their relationship to ecoregions:1974-2001 PDF
MI Develop a GIS-based Soil Erosion and Sediment Assessment System (SESAS) PDF
MI Grid Computing for Real Time Distributed Collaborative Geoprocessing - with Applications in Water Quality Management PDF
MI Information Dissemination and Technology Transfer Training Programs PDF
MN Characterization of Nitrifying Bacterial Populations in Wastewater Treatment Bioreactors PDF
MN Effects of riparian forest harvest on instream habitat and fish and invertebrate communities PDF
MN Paleohydrologic response of the Mississippi Headwaters watershed to Holocene climate change PDF
MN Biodiversity in Urban Ponds and Lakes: Human Effects on Plankton Populations PDF
MN Fluorochemicals in Minnesota Waters: An Emerging Environmental Issue PDF
MO Web-Based Tool for Implementing Adaptive Management in the Missouri River System PDF
MO Development of Wax-Rich Grout for Borehole Sealing PDF
MO Microbial Influences on Geophysical Signatures: A Proxy for the Understanding and the Monitoring PDF
MO Microbial Influences on Geophysical Signatures PDF
MS Functional Assessment of Moist-Soil Management Impact on Wetland Impoundments Created as Part of an Agricultural Lands Reclamation Plan PDF
MS Screening of Environmental Contaminants Detected in Mississippi Sediments as Inducers and/or Inhibitors of CYP1B1 Expression in Channel Catfish - Continuation PDF
MS Hydrologic Controls on Wetland Tree Growth: Determining the Origin, Residence Time and Water Quality of Groundwater in the Root Zone PDF
MS A Single Technology for Remediating PNAs, Nitro/Nitrate Residues, PCBs, CAHs, Herbicides and Pesticides from Soils and Sludges with Na/NH3(l) PDF
MT The effectiveness of burn-area emergency rehabilitation (BAER) techniques in reducing post-fire soil erosion on the Sula state forest in western Montana. PDF
MT Pharmaceuticals in Septic System Effluent PDF
MT Recharge Assessment of the Anaconda Mine near Belt, Montana PDF
NC Hydrolgical and Biogeochemical Investigations of Riparian Buffers in the Piedmont and Blue Ridge Regions of North Carolina PDF
NC Reduced Cost Strategies for Regional Integration of Surface and Groundwater Use PDF
NC A Systematic Evaluation of Polyacrylamide for Sediment and Turbidity Control PDF
ND Feedlot Runoff and Manure Management Modeling PDF
ND Evaluation of walleye to suppress fathead minnow populations in Type IV & V wetlands. PDF
ND Physical and environmental factors influencing the periphyton communities of the Sheyenne River, North Dakota PDF
ND A Comparative Analysis of Fargo and Moorhead Ozonation Systems PDF
ND Northern Forest Wetlands: Characteristics and Influences on Invertebrate and Amphibian Community Structure PDF
ND Variables Influencing Habitat Use by Diving Waterbirds Foraging in the Prairie Pothole Region PDF
ND Study of Effectiveness of Northern Prairie Wetlands as a Resource to Control Nutrient (Phosphorus) Load to Receiving Water PDF
NE Relating landscape scale characteristics with phosphorus loss potential to surface waters PDF
NE Investigation of Directional Hydraulic Conductivities of Streambeds and Evaluation PDF
NE Assessment of Thermal-Infrared Imaging as a Tool For Evaluation of Groundwater-Lake Interactions in the Nebraska Sand Hills PDF
NE Assessment of Source of Variation in Copper Concentrations in Nebraska Drinking Water Systems PDF
NE Water Center Educational Materials PDF
NH Linking Lakes with the Landscape: The Fate of Terrestrial Organic Matter in Planktonic Food Webs PDF
NH Dynamics of Groundwater Inflows to the Lamprey River, New Hampshire PDF
NH Characterization of Groundwater Discharge to Hampton Harbor PDF
NH Effects of Land Use on Water Quality in a Changing Landscape PDF
NJ Effects of the Biopollutant, Phragmites australis, On the Nutritional Status (Biochemical Condition) of Juvenile Weakfish, New Directions Incorporating Otolith Chemical Signature Analysis PDF
NJ Measurement and Prediction of Hydraulic Properties Needed to Model Groundwater Quality in Southern New Jersey PDF
NJ Continuous, On-Line Monitoring if Haloacetic Acids in Water Using Analytical Membrane Extraction PDF
NJ Destruction of Volatile Organic Compounds Using the Photo-Chemical Remediation Reactor PDF
NJ Anaerobic biodegradation of MTBE under different anoxic conditions PDF
NJ Salt Marsh Macrophyte Rhizosphere Effects on Sediment Microbial Community Catabolic Response Profiles PDF
NJ Human Components of Exotic Species Invasion in Urban Forested Wetlands PDF
NM Geographic Information System for Water Resources Research Planning PDF
NM Information Transfer Program PDF
NV Identification of Nutrient Rich Groundwater Inflows to Lake Tahoe PDF
NV Assessment of Ground Water Recharge in Mine Altered Regions of Nevada PDF
NV A Long-Term Comparative Study of Golf Courses Irrigated with Reuse vs. Municipal Water PDF
NV Long-Range Water Supply Forecasting for Nevada and the Colorado River Basin PDF
NY Evaluation of Vegetated Filter Areas for Phosphorus Removal PDF
NY Predicting Dissolved Phosphorus Losses in Overland Flow in Northeastern U.S. PDF
NY Septic System Pollution Prevention BMP's: Development of Public Outreach Approaches, Assessment, and Decision-Making Tools for Local Government PDF
NY Supporting Community Watershed Restoration Efforts in Catatonk Creek PDF
NY Demonstration of Integrating Instream Habitat Assessment into Local Watershed Management PDF
NY Development of Methods to Distinguish Between Ruminant and Human Sources of Fecal Contamination in Watersheds PDF
NY Greenhouse BMP's: Transforming Principles into Practice Year Two PDF
NY Director's Office Information Transfer PDF
OH Preventing the Initiation of Biofouling of Membrane Bioreactors in Wastewater Treatment PDF
OK Springs in Peril: Have Changes in Groundwater Input Affected Oklahoma Springs? PDF
OK Enhanced Life Cycle Assessment Demonstration at the Tar Creek Superfund Site PDF
OK Resistance Tomographic Imaging, Digital Mapping, and Immersion Visualization of Evaporite Karst in Western Oklahoma PDF
OK Evaluating Cost Effective Technologies to Reduce Phosphorus Loading to Surface Waters in the Ozark Region PDF
OR Development of a monitoring network and web-based database for effective watershed management in the Oak Creek Basin PDF
OR Temperature Effects of Streambed Heating PDF
OR Remote Collaborations: Lateral Learning in Transboundary Water Conflicts PDF
OR Environmental Analysis and Impact Assessment of Endocrine Disrupters in the Willamette River: A Web-Based Information System PDF
PA Development of 4-H Water Quality Curriculum Materials PDF
PA Resuspension of Bottom Sediments by Recreational Watercraft PDF
PA Water Reuse: Using Crumb Rubber for Wastewater Filtration PDF
PR Microbial source tracking to determine the host origin of fecal contamination in two Puerto Rican watersheds PDF
PR Well and Interstitial Water Crop Protection Chemicals Study on the Salinas Fan PDF
RI Hydrologic Relational Database for Rhode Island PDF
RI Hydro-geologic Investigation of the Fresh Water lens in a Small Rock PDF
RI Electronic Conversion of Results of Research Sponsored by the Center PDF
SC Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology to Assess the Relationship of Land Cover to Watershed Impairment for the Saluda River Basin South Carolina PDF
SC Renovating Water for Conservation and Reuse: Developing Design Parameters for Constructed Wetlands for Domestic Wastewater Treament and Mitigation PDF
SD Arsenic Remediation of Drinking Water: Phase III PDF
SD Lipid Geochemistry of Waters and Sediments in a Prairie Pothole Hydrologic System PDF
SD Hydraulic Calibration of the Upper Soil Layers in a Glacial Till System PDF
SD Establishing a Relationship Between Soil Test P and Runoff P for a South Dakota Soil Using Simulated Rainfall PDF
SD Survey of the Macrophyte and Invertebrate Communities in Enemy Swim and Pickerel Lakes PDF
SD Information Transfer PDF
TN Acid Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Wastewater Activated Sludge for Removal and Possible Conversion to Products PDF
TN Water Supply Options for Cumberland County, Tennessee: A Policy Assessment PDF
TN Water Quality monitoring in two 303(d)-listed East Tennessee streams PDF
TX Enhanced Flood Warnings for the Texas Medical Center: A Second Generation Flood Alert System (FAS2) PDF
TX Reduced Phosphorus Pollution from Dairies by Removal of Phosphorus from Wastewater through Precipitation of Struvite PDF
TX Increase Water Use Efficiency: Implementation of Limited Irrigation for Crop Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management PDF
TX Higher-Order Statisticts in Transport and Evolution of Algae Blooms PDF
TX Real-Time Distributed Runoff Estimation Using NEXRAD Precipitation Data PDF
TX Reduced Phosphorus Concentrations in Feedlot Manure and Runoff PDF
TX Fate of a Representative Pharmaceutical in the Environment PDF
TX Urban Forested Wetland Restoration PDF
TX Adsorption and Desorption of Atrazine on Selected Lake Sediments in Texas PDF
TX The Role of Suspended Clays in Phosphrus Processing by Lotic Periphyton PDF
TX Information Transfer PDF
UT Source Water Protection Assessment Tools Development PDF
VA Information Dissemination PDF
VI Environmental Education and Hands-on Training on Mangrove Restoration Techniques PDF
VI Seasonal to Century Scale Climate Effects on the Water Resources of the U.S. Virgin Islands PDF
VI Environmental Influences on Cistern Water Quality PDF
VT Water quantity and quality dynamics in high-elevation watersheds: Developing a scientific approach to understanding ski area impacts in Vermont PDF
VT Detection of cyanobacterial blooms using remote sensing PDF
VT Substrate- and size-dependent measurement of particle-phase mercury in the atmosphere by aerosol mass spectrometry PDF
WA Facilitated Transport of Pesticides by Organic Colloids PDF
WA Information Transfer PDF
WA Development of a Comprehensive Monitoring Protocol to Characterize the Concentration and Associated Health Risks of Salmonid Pathogens Suspended in Water PDF
WA Reactive Transport of Reducible Metal Ions: Reaction Kinetics, Column Experiments and Transport Modeling PDF
WI University of Wisconsin-Water Resources Institute - Information Transfer PDF
WI Field Evaluation of Raingardens as a Method for Enhancing Groundwater Recharge PDF
WI Removal of Arsenic in Groundwater Using a Novel Mesoporous Sorbent PDF
WV Assessing Extent and Longevity of Degradation Following Coal Mining in West Virginia PDF
WV Impact of Longwall Mining on Headwater Streams in Northern West Virginia PDF
WV Establishing Biological and Water Quality Criteria for Water Resource Management in Mining Impacted Watersheds PDF
WY Erosion potential model development and channel monitoring PDF
WY Testing of hydrologic models for estimating streamflow in mountainous areas of Wyoming PDF
WY Product accessibility and dissemination for the Water Research Program at the University of Wyoming PDF
WY Combining modern and paleo-climate data to enhance drought prediction and response PDF
WY The Wyoming Climate Atlas PDF
WY Real-time monitoring of E.Coli contamination in Wyoming PDF
WY Drought prediction model development and dissemination in Wyoming PDF

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