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Project ID: 2003RI15B

Title: A Preliminary Web Portal for RI Water Resources

Project Type: Information Management System

Focus Categories: Water Use, Education, Management and Planning

Keywords: information dissemination; water resources; drought; web portal

Start Date: 06/01/2003

End Date: 05/31/2004

Federal Funds: $4980.00

Matching Funds: $19910.00

Congressional District: 2

Principal Investigators: Boving, Tom (University of Rhode Island); Fastovsky, David

Abstract: This proposal represents the preliminary phase of a project that will eventually provide a single, real-time, user-friendly website, designed to provide Rhode Island citizens with a comprehensive overview of the ongoing status of Rhode Island's water resources. We have compiled a three-year graphic record of water levels in the Scituate Reservoir, and have associated fluxes in these levels with climatic events and relevant historical data (e.g., average water levels in previous years). Here we seek the necessary resources to construct a website to allow the RI public access to these data, data that would otherwise be neither particularly easy to obtain nor interpret.

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