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Project ID: 2003OR30B

Title: Development of a relationship between water quality data and land use in the Oak Creek Watershed

Project Type: Information Management System

Focus Categories: Nutrients, Non Point Pollution, Management and Planning

Keywords: Databases, watersheds, water quality, public education

Start Date: 02/15/2003

End Date: 02/14/2004

Federal Funds: $11600.00

Matching Funds: $23068.00

Congressional District: Oregon 5th

Principal Investigator: Nelson, Peter

Abstract: This proposed research addresses the issue of water quality impacts of various land uses in a mesoscale watershed. The Oak Creek Watershed of Benton County is managed for multiple uses by Oregon State University (over 40% ownership), the City of Corvallis, and Benton County, and includes rural and urban private residential housing. The goal of Oregon State University is to develop the watershed as a teaching and research model as well as to improve the water quality in Oak Creek. This research will continue recent work in the Oak Creek Watershed that includes synoptic water quality sampling and analysis, detailed land use characterization, and hydrological monitoring. The overall objectives of this project are to establish baseline water quality data, to relate land use with water quality, and to recommend land use management improvements for the Oak Creek Watershed. This project will collaborate with the Oak Creek Advisory Board and develop a land use management plan that will include recommendations to improve water quality in the Oak Creek Watershed. A monitoring plan will also be developed for the watershed. Input from stakeholders in the watershed will be sought during this phase of the project. Results of the research will be added to Oak Creek website to make the information available to the various user groups. The project will also help position OSU to apply for national grants studying watershed-scale nutrient processes and management of land uses.

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