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Project ID: 2003NY26B

Title: Director's Office Information Transfer

Project Type: Information Transfer

Focus Categories: Management and Planning

Keywords: Education, Water quality management, Nonpoint pollution

Start Date: 03/01/2003

End Date: 02/28/2004

Federal Funds: $0.00

Matching Funds: $20638.00

Congressional District: 22

Principal Investigator: Porter, Keith S. (Cornell University)

Abstract: The Director and staff of the NYS Water Resources institute carry out numerous public service activities each year. Most of them are done in conjunction with multidisciplinary projects funded outside of the Water Resources Research Act context. In order to cross-link the WRRA activities in this program to many other NYS WRI activities, a small portion of WRRA resources are devoted to information transfer and student training functions. The primary objective of this activity is to maintain rapport with State agencies and key constituencies in environmental, water supply, agricultural, and other business sectors. A secondary objective is to involve Cornell University students in public service projects with local and State government. Most interaction with committees is done via meetings, telephone calls, and electronic mail exchanges. Student projects are typically connected to large NYS WRI projects with the same agencies or in the same geographic locales.

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